Hotspot return after cancelling hotspot line

  • 18 June 2021
  • 2 replies


I recently cancelled a hotspot line because the max of 100GB for a hotspot was not enough for my remote work. How do I return the hotspot I no longer need? I didn’t get any notifications about returning the device.

2 replies


did you ever get an answer?  I am having a similar issue.  Cancelled the hotspot service due to it not working where service was needed.  I took the hotspot to the local T mobile store and they said I did not need to return the device and confirmed my account was closed with a zero balance.  A month later they sent me a bill for $322.  I called customer service and they said they would email me a return label to send the device in.  The email never arrived then they sent me to collections.  I have gone through the same loop 3x now, still no resolutions.  Do I need to sue T-mobile to remove the charge.  I believe I can utilize the small claims court system to resolve this issue.


Yeah, it's BS that we have to keep paying for a hotspot that we no longer use or need, after paying fees that probably cover the cost of the hotspot. I'm pretty disappointed with this aspect of T-Mobile. I'm still being charge monthly until the hotspot is paid off. They could have at least let us know when we were in the store or on the phone that we’d have to pay the full price for the hotspot if we cancelled that service.

I work remotely and their plan didn't provide enough monthly data. Evdodepotusa provides 500GB for $149 if you need it.


I hope small claims court works for you. Maybe share on this post if does. I'm sure there will be others who get Fd by this.