How to Flash T-Mobile Rom on Galaxy S9+ International Version SM-G965F/DS

I just purchased the Unlocked Galaxy S9+ International Version SM-G965F/DS and I am using it with my T-Mobile account. I discovered that WiFi calling and a few other features don't work. As you know, the processor on this version is the Exynos and not Qualcomm. Is there a way to flash the T-Mobile Rom on this S9+ version? If there is a way, does the phone have to be rooted or bootloader unlocked?

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So the truth here is that you are not going to find a lot of support for this topic here in our community. T-Mobile does not support the rooting or flashing of custom roms to devices as it voids the warranty. This is not to say that it cannot be done, there are many other communities out there that actually specialize in this specifically 😊

Little question, if I flash this rom for my s9 +, is there any French language or not? because I see United Kingdom / Ireland only ....


sup brothers ive been programming modding hacking cellphones for many need a conversion rom

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Hi Magenta,

My S9+ is international SM-G965F/DS which has Exynos processor and it is NOT rooted and bootloader is still locked. I was told by someone on XDA that you can NOT flash any rom on this model (Exynos) and to flash you must have the model with Quallcomm Snap Dragon processor. I prefer NOT to unlock bootloader and I don't want to root. Is there a way to flash the T-Mobile Rom so that I can get WiFi calling? Can you please give me a straight forward answer if possible? If it can be done, how and where can I find instructions because I did not find a clear answer at XDA.

Thank you.

Can my S9 plus from Verizon sm-965U  flash to t-mobile, right now it is working with it but sometimes doesn't work well.

im sorry i just got these messages.  samsung phones internal programming is really bad engineer when they say sorry your phone isnt going to work with this service.well thats not true.theres so much programming that can be done .its almost need a conversion rom .gem-flash has what you need and ive tried leaving a way to get ahold of me but this place keeps blocking

im being blocked from this tmobile

It is unfortunate that T-Mobile is blocking a member who is trying to help another T-Mobile member, doesn't make sense.  I am mkubba and also you find me at would like to exchange ideas about this subject since no one else is answering.

please let everyone know im being blocked from helping

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Hey folks! We are not blocking anyone from posting to our community. We are simply removing personal information from public facing posts for your security. If you would like to communicate privately, we do have a private message system in place if you follow one another on the site.

Please feel free to review our T-Mobile Support Community Usage Guidelines for further information.

Thank you indeed for clarifying this issue and we appreciate T-Mobile's efforts to protect our security. Could you please explain how the "private message system" works?

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For sure 😊 Click on the persons username and follow them. They will need to follow you as well. Once you both follow each other, you will be able to select the "Send message" option to start a private conversation.

Thank you indeed Chris.

You must checkout XDA, they offer so much great information on stuff like. It's like a dev community but people that aren't devs of course are welcome, too. I think you will be pleased with the wealth of information available on their site. Good luck!

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Was this ever figured out? I'm in the same situation with an S9 that has an Exynos and I need to know if it can be flashed or nt?

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There is a combination ROM that can be flashed to have a T-Mobile fully compatible Exynos device.  Visit the S9 section over at XDA-Developers for all of the information, disclaimers, instructions, downloads, etc.

I've tried to look into this at XDA but cant' seem to find it. Can you please provide me with a link or PM me?

Thanks very much!!!

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The simplest way I can tell you how to find them, is to do a search for, "Samsung combination files t-flash".  That site has files and how to's.  The XDA threads are in the Exynos S9/S9 Plus area under Combination ROM in the thread titles. 

T-Mobile does not condone or encourage flashing your devices and takes no responsability for anything you potentially try to do to your device.  There is a risk of bricking your device by flashing!  I haven't personally tried or flashed any of these combination ROM's and I do not own any Exynos Samsung devices.

Do you know if a T-Mobile phone exists that has Dual Sim? Because, I couldn't find it. The closest I found was this though after calling T-Mobile support.

model number: SM-G960UZKATMB

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You really need to stay far away from Google's useless search and try something like duckduckgo.  When I look at XDA, the two main threads are are close to the top of the first page of the section.  The T-flash site comes up as the first hit on duckduckgo for me.