Is 4G LTE Cellspot obsolete?

  • 30 September 2021
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I noticed my phone was showing only one bar of cell service. I checked the cell spot and the power light was solid green, but internet was flashing orange. Only other light was GPS which I think was solid green. I did a factory reset and I don't think it has been 2 hours yet. Right now the GPS is flashing green.

There have been three changes made in the past week while I was away from home.

1. We installed Google Nest Mesh WIFI (Love It!)

2. I ordered & returned a cellspot for an Estate Sale I was doing that had no WIFI and only service by placing phone on windowsill. I thought I was getting one of the old style coverage devices that you put in a window. The cell spot was returned imediately after learning that it required internet.

3. I upgraded my SIM card to 5G.

Called support. 2 hour wait.

Did reset, then factory reset.

Tried chat, no response.

TIA for any assistance!

1 reply


Finally got through to Technical support. They’ve sent a new cell spot as I had already done everything they’d suggest. I just need so that it won’t drop calls when I enter the house and lose signal strength. Seems as if it should seamlessly switch to WIFI, but no such luck. Back in the day (a few years ago), I could get the units where a receiver was placed in a window and the main unit in another location. This worked great for Estate Sales where internet had been turned off and signal strength was poor. They don’t have these any longer. Last Estate Sale, I had to have phone propped in the middle of the double hung window ledge or go outside to run square or take calls. That was just a week of inconvenience. Having calls drop within my house and when exiting and arriving is more than a minor annoyance.