Is the TM-AC1900 ROUTER still supported?????

A year or so ago, T-mobile provided me with a TM-AC1900 ROUTER ... (ASUS rebranded to T-Mobile).  They also provided a Personal Cell Spot 4G LTE which I refer to as an Extender or perhaps Booster.

Started having trouble with the router.  Called T-mobile and was told I can exchange it for (even) an updated ROUTER at my local store.  Went to store with old one and exchanged it for a 'newer' one.  Got it home after closing time and discovered it was a (updated) Extender.  At that point, I am ROUTERless.  The store is now closed for the night.

Called T-mobile.  Explained the situation and was told the right device would be shipped promptly to the house.  Got a confirming email ... indicated what was coming was ANOTHER Extender.  Called TMO again.  The shipment was cancelled and 'the right device' would ship out promptly.  Next confirming email ... ANOTHER Extender.

I even emailed the President of T-Mobile.  I am not lying.  By the time his assistant contacted me, I had yet ANOTHER device (PROMISING IT WAS THE RIGHT THING) en route.  His assistant asked if everything was OK now ... I told her 'Presumably .. yes .. but I was not sure exactly WHAT was coming".  She said she would check with me NEXT THURSDAY (from today ... FRIDAY).  I then got ANOTHER confirming email .... an EXTENDER is on the way ... AGAIN.

I grabbed the box the original (and only) ROUTER first came in.  I grabbed the box the NEW EXTENDER came in and headed for the store.  After a LONG explanation, they started researching.  Here is what I was just told an hour or so ago:

The ROUTER is discontinued by T-mobile.  They no longer provide one.  If one has one, it will stop working correctly.  They are expected to procure their OWN router.  FIRST I EVER HEARD of this.

The EXTENDER is still provided but there is an updated one that I needed ... so I can keep the NEW EXTENDER .. BUT NEED TO RETURN THE OLD ONE.

Sooo, I asked the store MANAGER what new router do I need (to work with the new Extender)?.  She did not have a firm answer.  Soooo, I ordered one on Amazon  .. another Asus AC1900 which, I believe is NOT rebranded and is a updated router from the old one, and should work fine with the new Extender.  The manager at the T-mobile store agreed with me.

Does anyone KNOW for certain this NEW router will work with the new extender.  I am worried for some stupid reason it won't.

Strange to me that I was never notified of this T-mobile change in the first place.  NO one at T-Mobile phone-in knew of this (a router provision being discontinued).  The only person who seemed to be informed of what the problem is/was is a VERY YOUNG waif of a girl at the T-mobile store who knows more than I do about routers etc.  I swear she did not look over 14 .. but seemed to know what she was talking about.  Not even the President's assistant ever mentioned any of this.  I will let her know on Thursday.

A T-MOBILE provided ROUTER is not even in their inventory anymore.


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Yeah. The TM-AC1900 was never so much "supported" as just "provided". AFAIK, they don't actually support them or replace them when they go bad. You just need to buy yourself a good router. 

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We do have some troubleshooting steps we can offer for the router we sent. I don't see that it's available anymore for ordering though. To answer your question, I've heard of folks using routers they purchased themselves from 3rd party vendors and they work just fine. If you do need some help with that model, you could reference our Wi-Fi CellSpot Router issues page and use it as a guide for common issues.

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The router you bought should work fine for your extender and realistically speaking you could just rely on the WiFi calling feature. Which is what I am assuming you did before. I also was not aware that T-mobile stoped offering the router which is a bummer since at the time it was a really good one. Anywho I would not worry to much as I said the router you got should be fine for your needs. Wireless tech really doesn't change that much from one generation to the next when it comes to routers. Plus even when it does you would need to have a certain level of bandwidth to even notice the difference. Most people in the US are still stuck with like a 15mb connection so yeah.

Sorry you had the long ordeal but it looks like you will be squared away on this situation, still let us know if you need more help.

@wacojohn​, I totally understand your situation and frustration, bcoz TMO left me at the same situation. The REP had no Idea what Router i was returning or what i asking him, i simply called last week to find out if there is an upgrade to wifi router, he didnt say Yes or No, simply said you want to return i will issue the label. without knowning whats going to happen, i returned expecting another of the same kind, as per the phone convo, he said i will get the same i m returning. BUT NO...i keep getting the extenders which i m not interesting. i am returning the extender 3rd time now. nobody in customer service are ready to help, but yeah listen to this, if they want to get money from you, everybody will show up with different devices and features. but what about the simple word and simple device wifi router.

at this point i have no router unless i spend $150 to get AC1900 Asus.

after calling them over and over, i finally emailed @john.legere, i m atleast expecting an answer or a help from him.

other than that, i have decifed to switch the carrier after 17 years in @Tmobile.

@tforce_jesus​ , @tmo_mike_c

please help me, i feel so helpless, nobody is willing to send me the wifi cellspot router i had.

they keep sending me 4G cellspot device and i dont want that. i m returning the 4G cellspot 3rd time.

all i m asking is getting back the router i originally had T-Mobile Wi-Fi CellSpot Router , please look at this picture. its so simple and nobody in the customer service knows. it was a bad day for me that i TRUSTED      THE REP AND HE TOLD ME I WILL GET THE SAME ONE. He should know at first place whehter TMO still carries this or not ? now bcoz of the REP FAULT, i need TMOBILE To get this kind of router. its about TMO reputation. i have recommended so many family members to TMO and this is the customer service i m getting...VERY BAD...i dont know what to do at this point, may be email MR JOHN LEGERE OR WRITE TO CORPORATE OFFICE.

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I do understand what device you're looking for @magenta5715056​ My apologies, but that device is no longer available. I wish I had another option I could recommend other than the Cellspot mini tower, but I don't. We can only send coverage device we still have available.

It was nice that T-Mobile provided customers with a good quality Asus WiFi router for free but those day are gone. Time to open the wallet, pull out the credit card and buy a router.

These were provided when TMO was still upgrading their coverage, and WIFI calling provided a quick fix for customers in poor coverage areas.  With their coverage now improved in many places, I'm betting they just felt the return on investment wasn't there...and that the boosters were a better alternative for those still in marginal areas.  Plus, with home Internet speeds now commonly in excess of 50-100 mbps, a router with firmware that prioritizes WIFI Calling isn't necessary anymore.  Any router will provide adequate bandwidth.  That said, I'm still using mine, with the 3199 Firmware and it works wonderfully.  When/if it dies, I'll send it back and buy a new router.  I understand that if you try to flash the router with ASUS RT-AC68u firmware now, it will eventually revert back to the TMO stock firmware.  The last update (3199) I think came back in February or March 2018.

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The router isn't available anymore butnit is still an excellent router.  Rhe T-Mobile firmware does lock out a lot of the settings though.  It can be successfully flashed to the default Asus firmware for the RT-AC68U.  It won't change how it works outside of thenprioritization for WiFi Calling, which still will work perfectly. 

I liked the router enough to buy the RT-AC68W, same thing, just in white.  Inhave had the T-Mobile firmware on it as well as the current firmware.  The Asus firmware is a lot newer and contqins a heck of a lot more security fixes and such. 

I completely agree with the comments provided above.  I was one of the people who got the free Tmobile router almost as soon as it came out.  It has worked well.  But as far as I know it has NEVER gotten an update.  Recently I reviewed consumer reports articles on routers.  The ASUS retail twin of the Tmobile router is still highly ranked.

BUT the ASUS non Tmobile retail router has had many updates including for security that the Tmobile router has never had.

It is possible to wipe out the Tmobile software and replace it with ASUS  retail software but it is also easy to brick the router in trying to do it.

I may try this when I am otherwise ready to buy a new router but will be prepared to accept the bricking and move on...

Anyway, I just had a long text conversation with tmobile support in which they acknowledged tmobile no longer supports the router.

I asked if there was some way to switch over the software without the bricking risk.  No useful response.

I observed that I never got an update that I was aware of and never had any communication from Tmobile telling me they were cutting off support.

By the way, despite the now nominal FMV of the Tmobile router-  tmobile  support confirmed to me, that you MUST still return the router to Tmobile it if you close your account or they will charge you for it!

I still have this router and have recently stopped using it. Can I just drop it off at a T-mobile store?

If I decide to upgrade to a newer Asus router, will my settings juat transfer (cloned)? Or it there is a simple way to do so? My home network is getting complicated with smart features and all that, so I don't want to have to do it all again, if possible. Thanks.

It's been so long now, they may not know what to do with it.  If you're worried about being sure your account is credited, I'd send it support for an address.  Or, if you're continuing as a customer, just put it aside until someone asks for it back.  I took mine to my second home in AZ and use it there.  It's really a great router.

I don't know a way to clone the settings....but really all you'd need to do is assign the new router the same SSID's and passwords as the old one.  Your devices should just connect automatically once they see them.  Unless you've got some complicated access set up for each device.  If so, you might want to contact Asus to see if there's a way.

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If the router isn't a big upgrade from the one you have.  You can save your settings locally through the Admin tab and then restore that on your new router.  Some routers do differ in their settings though.  Anything that doesn't match up would be left at the default.

Thanks guys. Will check out Asus site and see if it's worth doing first. Cheere.

Hey Phi - same here.  My only concern is the vulnerable attack using this firmware 3199.  No updates available.

How do I get my hands on old routers that are returned to t-mobile? Is there a tmobile contact? If they are being thrown away, I could buy them from tmobile.

I had one when they first came out and returned for the 100.00 deposit. You can find them on Ebay but this issue is TM was in charge of updates that only happened approx once a year by them.

I noticed in my account, under coverage devices, the TM-AC1900 T-Mo sent me a few years ago (2015?) for free isn't even listed anymore.  I took the unit to my seasonal home in Arizona and use it there.  It's on Firmware v 3199, and has been for the past two years.  I have not ever tried to put Asus firmware on the thing.  Works perfectly, though  I also have an RT-AC1900P as my main router at home.  They look identical, and the Firmware on this one has been continuously updated  However, functionally, they're pretty much identical.  Doesn't seem like there any updates for the old TMO router that are critical. The FAQ on the last update in Feb 2018 was some sort of security update.  I'd heard that TMO sold their stock and returned working units to 3rd party sellers...that's the source of them on Ebay/Amazon, etc.  I'd guess that eventually, if not already, TMO won't even ask for them back.  As other posters have commented, they do not supply them anymore.

T-mobile asked for my cellspot tm-ac1900 back or I would be charged $99.  I recently closed a line I wan't using much. I guess the router was associated with the line I closed. I've been a long time customer with 4 lines+. I'm also a share holder. Kind of sucks and bad customer service to ask for it back or else? I'm still a customer and I had to go out and buy a router. I got the asus-rt68u.

Not good customer service!


I still have this router and is still working strong.  There was only one update since I got it and no more.  I piggy back this to a Spectrum router without problems.  My question is can I use a different DNS server besides T-Mobile?  I attempted to change the DNS setting but then I couldn't connect to it anymore.  I gave a $20 deposit when the router came out.  The 5gHz works fast compared to the 2.4gHz signal.

I'm using my ISP's DNS server with Google as a backup. Never had any issue.

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I’ve had this same router for several years now and finally, I have it working the way I originally wanted it to work. Wanted to use it so that it could use IPv4 and IPv6, could not get IPv6 working without certain settings from the Internet provider, etc.


Recently, the answer was right in front of me, when I logged into the router. Put it in Access Point (AP) mode. :smile:


Once this was done and the setting saved, everything that needed to be disabled, was disabled automatically. Connected phones receive the IP address from the host Internet gateway, with IPv4 and IPv6 connectivity and I found the WiFi signal provided by the router is far better than what the ISP’s Internet gateway provides.


I hope at some point, T-Mobile will consider offering this router again, as it’s really a decent router.