is wireless home phone base usage explicitly blocked on t-mobile network?

  • 12 April 2021
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I am thinking to use unlocked AT&T ZTE WF721 to use as a spare home phone with my legacy prepaid service but was told that T-Mobile explicitly blocks any voice service on all devices other then mobile phones.

Is it still the case and is there a way to request usage to be available? I can understand that data usage in hotspot like device may be disallowed but what is wrong with allowing voice?

2 replies


I had one of these working fine since last year for my Grandmother.  However, the last two weeks or so something is wrong - I”m not sure what’s up - I am not able to get in there yet. due to covid. 

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It's a 3G device. No LTE/VoLTE, so you will probably more be able to activate it.