It is time to part ways

  • 4 April 2022
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I have had this issue for two weeks now, and you can’t see to be able to solve it. I have two personal cell spots in my two offices, one is fine the other one is been having connectivity issues for two weeks, I called to have it replaced, they send me one and the address was wrong I updated the address it worked for two days and now is not working, I called on Thursday March 31,2022 I spoke with Arjohn he assured me he did the order and I will get a new one, I just called and the lady that answer the phone told me that I do not have an order place that she will transfer me to the technical dept that they will take care of it. I am done with you guys I been a faithful customer for over 10 years I think is time to part ways you guys do not respect or treat your customers right, I am sick and tired that you can resolved my issue, I asked to speak with a supervisor and she told me that all the supervisors are in a meeting and she can’t interrupt, is ok do not interrupt but there is something I can do an is interrupt my service since you do not have time for me. I work for the Orange County Public Schools and I will make sure my fellow co workers knows how dirty you guys are treating your customers.

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