Magic Jack VOIP over T-Mobile home internet works mostly but parties at the other end receive chopped up words from my end. Especially on long distance calls.

  • 22 November 2022
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Changed to T-Mobile all-home internet last year. Previously used telephone line based Century Link for home phone and inet.. Switched to Magic Jack VOIP and inet only before finally abandoning Century Link for both phone and inet.

Switched  to T-Mobile home internet for complete wireless home phone line...just magic jack connected to either laptop or directly to T-mobile router. via cale. Works mostly fine except frequently callers on the other end receive chopped up words from me on my end. I can hear them perfectly...but half my words do not get to them. I have rebooted multi times….spent time online and on phone with T-Mobile service with no had to reboot and wait for callback….return call never came...….HELP!!!!

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