Mysterious Phone Number on Account

  • 24 November 2021
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I recently received an Apple Watch 7, and went through the process of setting it up. I noticed afterwards that my watch is listed as a device on my T-Mobile account, but with a phone number I don’t recognize. What is this phone number associated with my watch? I tried calling it, but got a message that the “...number was unable to receive calls at this time.” I’m a bit of a Luddite, so please bear with me. Thanks!

4 replies


Mine had that too. I think it just might be to activate a line if you have internet. I had the same thing on my smart watch, and it wasn't a number I could call, and answer. All my calls with the number on my cell still came through. 

If you have an active internet line I think it is just for that. I never had any issues that would make me think it was from something else :) 

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I have a phone number for my GPS tracker and it's to associate the device to the account probably for billing purposes.

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As far as I know, any device requiring a SIM, has a phone number associated.  Just because it has a phone number though, doesn’t mean it can be called or texted.  It’s just a way to specifically permit and recognize a device to connect to the network in which ever ways it is allowed to.  

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T-Mobile, being a phone company, keeps track of devices by assigning them phone numbers. The "unknown" number should be associated with the watch's Digits line.