New One Plus Nord N10 5G on the T-Mobile network

  • 22 October 2021
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Problems with directions from T-Mobile for setting up the OnePlus Nord N10 5G

  • Unable to get the results on p.6 of the N10’s instruction booklet. I get stuck on the screen that says, “Connect to Wi-Fi.
  • Can’t find the page for the OnePlus Setup Wizard as mentioned on p. 6 “Setup Your Phone.”
  • How do I store the 31 +/- of data, phone numbers, g-mails, and pictures on my current LG Stylo 3 Plus such that i can put them on my new OnePlus N10 5G?  The screen of the N10 has the symbols of the Wi-Fi users/neighbors.  But the directions keep asking that I select a network.  On that list of networks, I tap the two I have.  Either one that I tap, sends me back to the same page. On this page, I’m asked to put down the password of my router.  But nothing changes:  no questions, no directions, it just returns me to the aforementioned page that lists all the names of the wireless units near where I live.  Suggestions?  Thanks.


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