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  • 21 May 2022
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So I’m trying to play some games online on my Xbox One but when I try to enter any type of “matchmaking” for any game, it disconnects me from the server. I have gone to my Xbox settings and tested the connection and it says all services are available. However, it shows my NAT Type is set to “strict” and it also says “UPnP unavailable” which I have found out that this is preventing online game play. My question is: how do I change my NAT Type to OPEN so I can play online? Xbox help center told me that maybe perhaps my gateway needs an update but I’m unsure how to go about doing that (if that’s the case) or even where I would look to check for one. 
Other things have no problem, like Netflix or my phone. These things are connected and run just fine. 

5 replies

I'm having the same issue and I'm talking to the rep and I'll post if they fix it.

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does unplugging the router..waiting about 5 minutes then booting it back up get you to at least moderate NAT type? might have to make some adjustments to some of the ports. zero idea how to do it on one of TMOs routers..might try googling it to see if others have ran into this and what they did to try and fix it.

gateway just went into NAT3 on its own. how do you change this. affecting my whole family.

They  told me they are working on it to open the nat type to open

just got off phone with tech might come down in the next update they know of the problem so we just might get happy I've never had a device ever do that go from nat2 to nat3 on its own but i still can game on nat3 with fingers crossed that I don't get banned for bad connection again ( bungie )