Phone Deals for existing customers

  • 29 October 2021
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Since T Mobile is not providing extra benefits for loyal existing customers - How long shoul I wait to re-join TMobile after terminating my current account to get the benefits for new phone device deals?

5 replies

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It used to be 2 years but things do change.


I think T-Mobile is good to loyal customers. We are in the process of upgrading our phones to iPhone 13s and T-Mobile’s trade in credit was very generous. At the store I asked about the new (here) 5G home internet service, signed up, and set it up today. My $50 monthly savings on internet access is paying for our two upgraded phones. 😎

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There should be some good deals coming for Magenta Friday and Black Friday.  What they are, if they require a new line or trade-in, and on what devices remains to be seen.  The holiday season is usually good for deals though. 


I never got a deal from TM not even when I signed up . I'm in the same boat . TM  don't give existing long term customers phone deals .  I've been with TM 5 years. It's part of there business model  too get rid of you, at least thats the way it seems to me and many other on these boards. So find the best deal you can out there.


Earlier this week, I telephoned T-Mobile about upgrading our phones and spoke with Dextiny.  I explained that I was in a T-Mobile store earlier and was disappointed that they didn’t seem to be offering the same deals for long time customers as new ones.  I also explained that we had upgraded to the Magenta Max plan and got the 5G Home Internet.  She put me on hold for a bit and then came back saying that the plan didn’t kick in until our next monthly billing on, I thought the 4th of next month.  But she then said she could push it through to give us the $1000 back on each phone for the new iPhone 14 Pro Max with 256 meg memory for both my wife and I.  I thanked her, spoke to her supervisor providing kudos for the great service and figured I would just wait until the new plan kicked in.  Today I decided not to wait if it could be done earlier and initially spoke to Emily.  She said there was no option like that for existing customers even though we had added the Home Internet.  I asked to speak with a supervisor and was connected with Steven in Tampa.  He was very emphatic about confirming what Emily said and was not willing to budge on covering what I was told by Dextiny even partially.  This has left me very disillusioned about T-Mobile relative to honoring what I was told previously.  Customer retention should be more of a priority as one disgruntled customer can prove much more costly to the company image than the revenue lost by making them happy and keeping them, particularly when it was an error by the T-Mobile employee.