Remove T-Mobile My Account App

I'd like remove the T-Mobile My Account app. Here's what I've tried:

- Disabling it through the apps page

- Disabling it through the Play Store

- Uninstalling it with the command "adb shell am start -a android.intent.action.DELETE -d" (via, which does bring up an uninstall dialog, but after clicking yes, it says "uninstall not successful"

Please tell me how to remove this app without rooting my phone. Thank you.


Best answer by tforce_erika 2 July 2015, 02:54

Thank you for reaching out! The T-Mobile My Account app is an app that cannot be uninstalled from devices it is pre-installed from, though on many phones you can "hide" it and of course you can disable notifications from the My Account app! 😊

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You cannot uninstall it.

If you aren't able to disable it through the apps page, you will not be able to keep it from loading.

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You should be able to change the settings to hide any notifications that may show up.

I installed it on my Nexus 5 (I know, weird, right? Someone actually WANTING to install it) -- I installed it solely for the quick ease of getting to My Account.  I have the options disabled to show me usage, remind me of things and all that.

Thank you for reaching out! The T-Mobile My Account app is an app that cannot be uninstalled from devices it is pre-installed from, though on many phones you can "hide" it and of course you can disable notifications from the My Account app! 😊

I notice that this particular app is always high on the list when I look at Battery usage. I recently took the update to Android android 5.0.1 (D85120e) and noticed a significant battery drain appear. I looked at the Battery Use details, and noted that the T-Mobile My Account App is always high on the list. I backed out the updates and am now on and did a force stop and cleared data and Cache, and now see a significant battery use improvement. It would really be helpful if I could disable this app so it would not do any more auto updates. The best solution is finding out why this app drains the battery. I have an LG G3.



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Clear data and cache. Hide the icon and don't open it.

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Even if it auto update from the play store without users tapping on the app it does r aggregate data therefore nothing happens. Just don't open it.

I don't know if the original poster was having the same issue, but I (like others who have posted) have a problem with the battery draining very quickly because of this app, and would like a way to disable it completely so that it stops draining the battery.  Some have mentioned the ability to uninstall the app to bring it back to the original version which can be stopped and/or uses less battery, but I'm not able to find a way to uninstall it at all.

Do you have any advice on how to remove/disable/uninstall it?  Thanks!

I want this battery eating app OFF MY PHONE. This is the 4th time I've had to spend an hour trouble-shooting with T-mobile. The first time, we were able to uninstall the update. The 2nd time (yesterday) I had to tell the chat representative how to do it and thought it was fixed, but NOOOOOooo... today (3rd time), it's back. I spent another hour on the phone with no resolution (all that stuff above doesn't work) and my battery is now at 20%. All fixes don't work and now I'm supposed to contact LG - why? It's not LG-My Account. 

I don't use the app, I don't want the app, I want it off my phone!!!! It can't be deleted.

Model: LG2

Android version 5.0.2

Beyond the battery problems, the permissions this app has (re-routing calls, editing SMS, full backdoor access to phone) are not acceptable and frankly irresponsible.

Enable us to remove this app, or allow me to return this device and cancel its data plan without restocking/cancellation fees.

Yes, you can remove it on your rooting and flashing custom rom.  i wish i can you but i am not t-mobile tech but i am only a jobless trying help you....

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You can uninstall the app (which still doesn't work with prepaid accounts), this will revert it back to the original version (T-Mobile My Account) which works perfectly.

The T-mobile My account App from kept popping up and displaying the icons so i disable it .

1. Open T-mobile My Account App

2. Under settings i unchecked  the boxes under Notifications.

At least now i don't have to see it anymore. 😀

edit:  As someone pointed out, it does void the warranty (I don't ever get it myself) Is dangerous to the uninitiated as well.  I just hate that the main Tmo app is the top battery drainer and cannot be disabled.  I apologize for my disgruntled original comment.

I highly suggest [edit] return [/edit] the device.  [edit] Then buy the One Plus One phone.[/edit]

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dmdukes wrote:

I highly suggest rooting the device.  Tmo says you cannot uninstall, therefore you need to root.  Problem solved.  That's what happens when they won't solve your problems, you root.

Which is not carrier supported as it voids the warranty.

You don't know the skill level of the person you're suggesting this to.  Think about the members of your family -- would you tell every single one of them "Yeah, go ahead and root your device."?

Also, rooting voids any JUMP capabilities they may have (as it voids warranty).

If people were comfortable voiding warranties, they probably wouldn't be here.

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I suggest people should stay away from OnePlus. If you have any problems you will get 3rd rate support. 5 weeks to get a replacement for example. It's a good phone until you have a problem.

Good point, ty. Google nexus from nexus store then? Or zenphone? I hear the nexus won't have the tmo bloatware if you but from play store.

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Any unlocked and unbranded phone will not have carrier specific bloatware.

Often they do not support VoLTE, RCS, and wifi calling. Nexus doesn't support RCS but supports the other 2.

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The unbranded phones also won't support the GoGo texting.  If you look at G3's as an example from all the carriers you will see the T-Mobile has the least "bloatware" of any of the carriers, heck they don't even put their logo on it anymore. If it is burning battery then it is running, as mentioned just go to options and make sure all the checks it can do and notifications are turned off. It has things were it will tell you and submit network issues, potential battery issues and etc which can all be turned off including other notifications. Turning all that off there won't be much for the App to do so even if running it shouldn't need to burn that much processor time.

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You can't all you can do is disable it

On Jan 18, 2017 5:43 AM, "adlskfjljkdafsaklsfjd" <>

This SUCKS!!! I am a HUGE TMO fan. I have been with them since day ONE they were in Texas. I plan on staying too. Still a huge fan too.

But... the reason I am with TMO is they rarely/never have shenanigans! Not being able to uninstall an AWFUL app that runs constantly is 100% shenanigans. It really upsets me. 

I have a rooted moto Z2 and the stupid tmo god-awful "app" runs from the OEM partition.... bottom line it means I can freeze it but I cant remove it. It's so ridiculous. Sorry TMO you are screwing your customers big time with this app always running and spying and leaking and who knows what else.

Up until the LG G4 you could uninstall the app or at least disable it without root. After that you could only disable it with a pack disabler app like Island. Up until the Moto Z2 it could be uninstalled with root. Now that isnt even possible. uhhhg