SD Card Unexpectedly Removed Error

  • 11 September 2018
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Just started a few days ago, checked the SD card (Samsung Evo 64 GB) all is fine, cleaned, also phone has never been dropped. Anyone else with this issue?


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SD cards do have a lifespan cycle. Although usually they last several years the read and write Cycles can take a toll.

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Hey there, you might want to try formatting the SD card.  You'll want to back everything up as this will clear any pics, videos, everything from the card.

I recommend Google Photos to do this as you'll be able to back up your pictures to your cloud and redownload them to your card after the format. First, you'll want to connect to wifi. Open the app, click the 3 lines on the upper left to open the menu, then scroll to settings.  Tap Backup and Sync then ensure your correct e-mail address is present.  Make sure the switch at the top is turned on. 

Once the backup is complete, go to Settings>Storage>SD Card>3 dots in upper right>Storage Settings>Format

Did all that already and still the same nonsense.

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So you marked an answer correct however it did not answer your question or solve your problem?

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try another SD card if that one will not work in your phone then either you got 2 bad SD cards in a row or your phone is at fault

I did not mark the answer correct, must be a glitch.

It has to be the phone because it did the same thing with another card. This phone has given me more drama than it is worth. If I ever am able to afford another phone it will not be an LG that is for sure.

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What type of LG device are you using, @daikaijugojira​?

LG V20

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Thanks so much! I don't see any known issues related to the V20 and SD cards. I definitely think it's the phone considering it acts the same with multiple SD cards. At this point, I think it's best to look at warranty exchange options, if available. You can find more info on how to begin that here: Exchange a device under warranty​.

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I found this on page 27 of the LG V20 manual .

try a different model sd card... the EVO model may not be compatible with your device.

my LG Stylo 4 does the same thing, I've tried several sd cards all with the same results. This has rendered my phone almost totally useless at this point because I can"t save anything and now the phone is telling me my space is low and I will no longer receive any text messages or voicemail......very disappointed with T-Mobile and LG at this point.

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Yes.  I had the same exact issue on a Stylo 4.  Very random on any size or class card. I wound up selling mine.

I encountered this problem right after I first installed my sd card. I had used the card for a year in my HTC, removed all the files and folders except for my music and pictures before installing it in my S3. When the problem happened, I shut the phone down, physically removed the sd card and then reinserted it, making sure the card was in tight by not just inserting it, but clicking it once or twice to make sure the spring loaded tensioner was in the right position. I restarted the phone and haven't had a problem since. Give that a try, your card may be at odds with the spring in the slot (the one that ejects the card)