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I have never had issues setting up my Geeni\Merkury wifi cameras with any wifi network until now. I have the T-Mobile home intent and have set up everything properly... I'm an electrician\tech guy so I know the ends and outs of how to set up the system. Have a wifi channel on 2.4 ghz, reset the cameras multiple times, have the advanced settings set properly, camera is as close to the phone app and router at possible, and yet nothing. It won't connect to the WiFi and in turn connect to the mobile app. Is there anything specific out of the norm that I need to do is have to get? This was one of the main reasons for getting the router in the first place, was to keep my camera system up and going. Any info and advice would help and thanks in advance....

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A lot of security related devices only use 2.4GHz.  Make sure your WiFi networks are separated into 2.4GHz and 5GHz.  You might also need to set the security for the 2.4GHz to WPA/WPA2.  

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Have a wifi channel on 2.4 ghz, have the advanced settings set properly ...


What advanced settings have you used?


In addition to the suggestions above (separate network, encryption), you may have to rename that network, and lower the transmission mode, from ax/ac to b/g/n.