smart plugs and switches compatible with 5G Gateway

  • 24 January 2023
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Looking to purchase smart plugs and smart wall switches that will work with the 5G gateway.  Anyone found any that actually work with 5G wifi??  Tried Broadlink, but apparently does not recognize the T-Mobile 5G frequency.  Help please!

5 replies

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the majority of things you can get out there like garage doors, security cameras and whatnot will need to connect to the 2.4Ghz connection..which from what i have seen so far many have a hard time connecting to..i do not have TMO home net but know this is what is needed since all of mine connect this way to my current home net provider.

I have been able to connect my smart devices when i change from 5g to 2.4 BUT qs soon as i switch modem back to 5g they loose connection so i guess i will have to stay in 2.4 which so far i havent noticed a dufference anyway except i have my smart plugs and Roku working 

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more than likely it’ll be due to something like your security settings or you might have to set up a 2.4ghz connection as its own set up and run them separate from each other.


you’ll get much better answers in the area dedicated to home net through TMO in here


actually now that im thinking about it theres probably already an answer for this exact question in there.


How do it set up my router with an internet connection -5G for a eightree ET05 smartplug

I have about 15 home devices that use the Wi-Fi such as automatic lighting.
Some worked when I switched to T-Mobile and some refused. The switches that will not setup
require 2,4 GHZ. A 2.4 GHZ network addition to my T-Moblle home internet is now offered but it does not connect to the internet. The 2.4 switches need to register through the internet connection so they still don’t work. ????