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Has anyone ever gotten a T-Mobile Sonim phone unlocked?

I got a Sonim xp3+ from T-Mobile to replace my Blu Tank II because 2G was being retired, put enough in top ups to make it eligible to be unlocked and called to unlock it.  I was told it had been unlocked remotely.

Now I am in Portugal and got a local SIM card for the Sonim but it appears the phone is still locked. The IMEI doesn’t work as an unlock code.  Customer Service didn’t have an immediate answer and I’m waiting to hear back from them.  I don’t mean this as a criticism, but my experience has been that they get back to me maybe 1 in 20 calls (different stories), and they haven’t yet.

I see from online searches that there are a number of avenues for a Sonim unlock, all involving apps/menus that are not on this phone.

Thus my question. Looking for a glimmer of sunshine.  In the meantime, using my Tank II, which works just fine in Portugal.


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Did you try unlocking it before you left? If not.

Try putting the Tmobile sim back in it and connect to wifi then try using the local sim to see if the unlock came through.


I called customer service a few months ago to start this, and after a few calls they told me it had been unlocked.  I put in a Google Fi SIM card and it connected successfully, so I thought it had been unlocked. The phone has been on Tmobile ever since. In retrospect, since Fi runs on Tmobile I don’t think that proved much.

I have put in the Tmobile SIM and can make wifi calls.  When I put in the Vodafone SIM, after the SIM unlock code I am asked for the 15 digit phone code.  That should be the IMEI, but that is rejected.


Just as an update.


I called customer service 10 days ago, and that resulted in an escalation ticket. I called yesterday, and was told I needed to wait 14 days for a response.  Nevertheless, they checked, and the ticket hasn’t been acted on.  I was told they needed to find out from the manufacturer how to unlock.

I called Sonim direct, and they very helpfully told me the unlock code had to come from the carrier.  They are selling unlocked phones now themselves.  They did say that they were aware that a lot of customers had successfully unlocked Sonim devices with T-Mobile, and it was just a matter of a text or email with the unlock code.  So fingers crossed.


So, after 8 days without any response I called again.  Now there is apparently no prior ticket, so we started over again, and after 45 minutes of doing what we had done a few weeks ago, I am now promised an unlock code via email within 72 hours. 

I follow why you can’t do this instore and can only do it through “customer service”.

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Do you have a post paid plan? Of so you can request an unlock code from your MyTmobile account.


It’s a prepaid account. For a flip phone that doesn’t use any data to speak of, prepaid accounts seem the way to go.  It does cut you off from a lot though, and support is mostly limited to the offshore customer service folks, who are very nice but themselves cut off from any support from T-Mobile.



An update.  The request for an unlock code was sent to Sonim a week ago, said to take 24 to 48 hours. I called today and the request has been escalated, but I should expect to wait another 1 to 2 weeks.


The good news is, today I got an email with the unlock code.  I put in the Vodaphone sim, entered the code, and the device unlocked!  Easy peasy.  Phone seems to be working fine with the Vodaphone sim.


The bad news, I put the T-mobile sim back in, in order to do 2FA login here to report the success, and the T-mobile sim no longer works with the Sonim phone. :(  I put the T-mobile sim into another phone, in order to get the texted code, and it works fine.  Just not now in the newly unlocked phone.


PS: I won’t be back for a while.  The other phones are now critical path and I won’t mess with them just for 2FA here.


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yeah your other phone is technically locked to Vodaphone.


An update: doing a factory restore allowed the phone to operate with the T-mobile sim again. I could put in the foreign sim, and it worked fine with that.  Going back to the T-mobile sim required a factory restore again.  The t-mobile sim worked fine in two other unlocked phones, so I’ll have to see how this works out.  Having to do a factory restore each time will be annoying.