T-Mobile Digits app corrupting my W10 upon uninstal

  • 22 January 2021
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I tried “Digits” and didn’t like it, so i clicked the “uninstall” option and thought i was rid of it, but now on every restart i get a javascript error -

Earlier today i started a chat session with T-Mobile.


The first person disconnected the chat before even trying to help.

The second was able to pick up where the first dropped, but she had to refer me to technical help, so she called me and then transferred the call.

While on hold i started a third chat session that was never picked up by a human - i let them know that my time is valuable after 45 minutes listening to lousy music and the two repeated idiot messages about seeking help on the T-Mobile website, which is where i started in the first place, and the other tells us to have our account number or phone number and that a representative would be with me soon.


After an hour passing (not approximated, by my phone’s timer) i wrote that i want a supervisor to call me and again posted my phone number; that i want to be compensated now (initially i just wanted help) for their app not working and corrupting my computer startup, and for the hour i wasted having the torture of the lousy music and the two idiotic messages repeated over and over and over and …


Yes, this is partially a rant on how horribly lousy T-Mobile support is, completely incompetent. But now, getting on to my issue, does anyone here have the computer knowledge to tell me what did they screw up in their uninstall process that would give rise to the error message above and how to get rid of it? Preferably someone not employed by T-Mobile please, i need

  • Competent help
  • Help that won’t leave me for dead


3 replies

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sorry to hear about your troubles, but thanks for informing us, and possibly saving us some aggravation.

sorry, I do not have the coding and programmer expertise to be of any real help.

I would ask my son, since he knows a lot more than I do about networking and computers in general, but he is not speaking with me since I am, “a communist”, and therefore not worthy of common conversation, even though I helped bring him into the world (I delivered him), and I unwrapped the umbilical cord from around his neck.  Don’t mean to be blasé about your issue, but it speaks to the arrogance of our tech companies and their total lack of customer care. 

Hope someone with real knowledge and some expertise can help you.  T-Mobile experts seem to be a little scarce at the moment….I think their wires are crossed….I have to laugh or I would cry…..


Presently i am running regedit and deleting anything that has the word “digits” in it and is directly associated with t-mobile, being careful as there are a number of other items that have the word “digits” within. I also went to my user tree, appdata\programs and deleted the tmobiledigits directory. As i have a few other processes running now i have to wait before i try a reboot, but i am hopeful this will handle.


What is pathetic is T-Mobile with their idiot claims of “dedicated experts” and the like, and i dare them to use Covid-19 as an excuse for if any company has not figured out how to adapt customer service now that we are already more than a full year into this “pandemic”, they are just lying cheats that use the excuse to cut services at the expense of the customer, so i am looking forward to hearing what excuse i am given for the nightmare “support” i was given-


Will update once i know if my solution worked. In the meantime, i would suggest no one chance installing T-Mobile software on there computer, for if you don’t like the way it works there is absolutely no support you can rely on from T-Mobile.


Glad to report surgically removing the idiot program took care of the issues, no thanks to T-Mobile “technical support”.