T-Mobile REVVL V Plus 5G

  • 7 December 2021
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This is not a question, but a warning.  DO NOT, under any circumstances accept a “free” T-Mobile phone.  I thought, great, need a new phone, save some money.  Wrong!  This phone is a joke.  There is no rhyme or reason to it. 

It appears that they couldn’t decide on an OS, so they used a hodge podge of apps from Android and iPhone, then left off a bunch of standard apps, which you have to download to use.  Don’t worry, it’s not actually compatible with any of the Android or Apple apps. Next, it won’t download most of my data from my old Samsung, meaning I’m losing all kinds of information or will have to manually add to the new phone.  Nope.

Then the settings!  None of the settings work.  I have to repeatedly set-up just the phone call and SMS notification sounds as they constantly stop working.  Want it to be bright in dim light and vice versa?  Forget it, it’s dim in dim light and bright in bright light.  Nothing stays put or it just doesn’t work. 

Now T-Mobile is harassing us for our old phones (in trade for this joke of a paper weight).  No way am I giving away my phone with 3 years of data on it.  T-Mobile claimed if we backed-up our data, it would download to the new phone.  Oh yeah?  Where are my photos, my notes, my favorites?

Now I’m on hold with T-Mobile to tell them to cough up real Samsungs with some serious discounts for this fiasco.

My husband has been with T-Mobile since before they were T-Mobile and I’ve been with them for over 20 years.  What does that get you?  Bupkiss.  A bad recommendation by “customer service” people in their stores who don’t listen, don’t help and seem to be more involved in their own phones than helping customers.


4 replies

I have had this phone now for 4 months and find it to be quite capable, and find none of your negative statments to be true. Maybe  yours is defective.

The October 5, 2021 OTA update makes the phone unstable.  Avoid it...

So I finally resolved the update issue.  I'm afraid a Samsung 256GB EVO Select micro SD card is not stable/compatible, corrupted the update, which damaged the phone.

Unfortunately the October 5, 2021 OTA update did make the phone unstable, even after leaving out the Samsung micro SD.  Phone would restart almost every time a blocked caller ID/Private number called.


Fortunately the December 5, 2021 update made available a couple of days ago fixed that problem and the phone is stable with a 512 GB Lexar 633x micro SD formatted as device storage.  So my Storage says "5% used - 548 GB free".  Build number is WTRVL5G_0.06.28.


I checked the next cheapest 5G phone and it's limited in how much memory you can add.  I am a happy camper again with this phone.