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  • 27 November 2018
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the 360 device protection says that I may take my phone to any retail location to have my screen protector replaced. I bought the screen protector at a retail location but am being told the protector is not covered because I did not purchase it from corporate store. I called T-Mobile and attempted to get answers using the T-Mobile app. None of the reps know about this. Has anyone experienced any issues getting the screen protector replaced when it was purchased at a non corporate store?

13 replies

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We do offer coverage for the screen protector but it'll need to be one purchased from our branded retail locations as well as be placed on by one of our Experts. You can find this and other info on our Protection<360> and Device Protection page.

I viewed the website and it’s reads retail location and not branded retail location. All of the stores look the same. This type of marketing strategy is not good. The website should say cooperate owned retail locations if that is what they are attempting to imply.

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I sincerely apologize for the confusion. Was the store that you visited only selling T-Mobile service or were there other service providers available. If this was a T-Mobile only store, I would recommend that you reach out to our T-Force team on Facebook or Twitter using the links in my signature so that we can take a closer look at all the specifics and determine the next best steps.

Horrid response. You should have offered a solution to her problem instead of nice words that pushes the issue on the next guy. If I would have been working for t mobike I would have apologized for the confusion, made a effort to reAch out to this person's local TMobile store to get then a new screen installed and then worked on where the confusion was and how to rectify it. -1 on customer service for this issue.

Perfectly good response.  Do you expect them to hold someone's hand the whole way.  I am in the same boat so I read the site first.  It CLEARLY states "when purchased and installed in-store by a T-Mobile expert"  That means in a T-Mobile store.  There is no confusion. 

I am being told that I don't qualify because the screen protector wasn't installed ON THE DAY I GOT MY DEVICE. My device was an insurance replacement and they didn't have the protector in stock, so I am being told I am out of luck. What a scam!

Okay same thing has happened to me. Yesterday I went to a TMobile to replace my screen and they had told me that I didn’t have the 360 protector screen on my phone when I know I do have because I paid for it when I bought my XR. What’s even more stupid is that I had called too only for them to say the same thing. I then signed up on my phone later on, onto the TMobile app to see that it does say I do have it on this phone. It’s ridiculous, also I know I have the 360 protector screen on my phone cause I’ve already gone 3-4 times to change the protector screen and they were a big help. But today I went to a TMobile store only for them to shut me down saying that I didn’t have it. It’s stupid

Okay, so I have 360 protection and I had been getting my cracked screen replaced in store by a store associate. Then, the last time I tried to get one for myself and my husband's cracked screens, the employee told me that they didn't have it in stock. They gave me a card with a website for screen replacements and to go on it and file the claim there. So, I couldn't get anything through that website. I went back to the Tmobile store and another employee told me that the system would only let him order one screen, when I have been paying insurance for both devices. I told him to order both and he said he couldn't. So, long story short, I was able to convince him to order both screens. But, he had them sent to my home. If they don't want to replace screens then why offer screen protection plans? So now what? I'm not getting any more screen replacements? As a company, if you want to KEEP customers, you might want to try to help out your customers instead of lying and giving the run around. I had no problems replacing screens in the past. If you're going to offer a protection plan, make sure you have the necessary equipment to replace screens as advertised. I am so done with cell phone companies. It makes me sick to know that no one cares about doing the right thing anymore. How's this? I'll make it easy for you. Don't offer plans if you're not willing

to make it right. Makes me wonder why I'm still paying insurance if Tmobile employees aren't going to fulfill their end of the bargain. If it was us, a customer, who had failed them, the company, they would have a hay day and charge us up the yin yang. It seems it's only okay for companies/businesses to screw people over, but consumers are not allowed to without serious repercussions.

This policy is horrible!  I had a similar experience as others on here.  Went in to the TMobile store and they had to order the screen protector and have it delivered to me.  Now I am unable to get another one since I did not have it done in the store!?  The simple fix to this lame policy would be to just put a cap on the number of screen protectors they allow per device.  So just put a total of say 5 for the life of the device!  I think most people would be fine with that.  If not that, they need to make an exception for people who have their screens delivered because they are not in stock at the store.  And if they are not going to do that... they should at least tell you in the store at the time that if you do go with the delivered option, you forfeit any more free screen protectors going forward!  Again... not that hard TMobile!

Couldn't have said it better than that!        Totally agree with you! It's not that we didn't understand the policy, so much as they make it difficult to get it in store. I'm not paying for the insurance anymore because of that stupid move they pulled on me.

Thank you!!

I was told screen protectors no longer available for a new current phone One plus 7 pro.  They told me the screen size of the One plus 5g is different.  I looked and asked the company that provides the screen protector and is the same size.  The store refused to put another screen protector on and I have always had the 360 coverage on my phone.  Both phones are still sold as well as the screen protector.  These also break often or fall off the phone.  I've always allowed the store associates to put on the protector. My guess is that store is not wanting to replace it.  Also your 611 would not provide it and instead gave a credit for the inconveniences caused by this.  I still need a screen protector replaced.

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The screens on the OnePlus 7 Pro, OnePlus 7 Pro 5G, and OnePlus 7T Pro McLaren 5G are the exact same size and exact same panel.

I had almost the same issue. I signed up for service with T-Mobile on August 2nd, 2019 and I bought a screen protector and a Pixel 3a XL with Protection 360. The store was out of stock of that Pixel so they ordered it for me. I got it about three days later. In October 2019, I needed the screen protector replaced and the store rep said I did not qualify because I did not buy the protector the same day as my phone. I preceded to tell him that I signed up for service on August 2nd and the phone was ordered so it came on August 6th. so why would I sign up for service and only buy a screen protector but not a phone especially setting up an account with a phone number and everything? I finally got the screen protector the next day when I went back. These T-Mobile Store employees are ridiculous.