Tmobile home internet to ASUS RT AC5300 router

  • 25 August 2021
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I have the Tmobile nok 5g21 gateway.  I have an ASUS RT AC5300 running DDWRT with Open VPN configured with 3wifi bands .  The VPN is configured to work based on static IP and routing for only 4 devices with a kill switch for those 4 - so if the VPN goes down they lose internet.  Everything else uses the nonVPN connection.  

I unplugged my existing modem from Spectrum and plugged it into the Tmobile gateway.  It didn’t “just work” so my question is how do I get it to work.  Looking for someone who has done this with this router or a similar one and can provide detailed instructions.  Or links to such instructions.   Not looking for a reply like “turn it into an access point” or some I’ve seen about NAT or double NAT or whatever. 

I expect that you cannot turn the tmobile gateway into just a modem and get routing from my ASUS and that some kind of configuration is going to be needed on the my ASUS side.  

I expect tmobile tech support is going to be useless in helping me configure this so thank anyone who replies in advance!

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