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  • 4 September 2022
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Recently we started experiencing some problems with our 3 SE2 (2nd gen) iPhones.

Since we’re thinking to upgrade our phones to the iPhone 13 or 14 I don't want to start troubleshooting the problem.

I’m assuming that the newer phones are going to be able to take advantage of features that will improve the communication, that our current ones miss it.

My questions:

1- Is my assumption right? (If I take the 3 phones (SE2; 13 and 14) to 5-10 different places and make calls, will there be a real difference between them in terms of service?) (Quality of sound; dropped calls; reception and so (don't care about features like camera; screen size; storage; battery life and so)).

2- If we want to purchase the 13/14 I guess we’ll sign for a 2 yr contract and pay them in 24 monthly payments (if we don’t to pay in one lump sum).

If so, is there something like a trial period? (That within a certain time we can return the phones if we want, cancel the purchase and we don't loose any $, or we are “stuck” with them “forever”?)

Thanks in advance for any help!

2 replies

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There's a 14 day remorse period for phones bought in a store and 20 days if purchased on line.

I suggest just getting 1 phone to test since there may be a restocking fee.

Remorse period


Hi gramps28! Thank you for your prompt reply, your suggestion and link!