Unable to connect Chamberlain garage door opener via 5g internet

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It has been a while since I last posted on this conversation.  Something really strange is going on either with Tmobile home internet or chamberlain or both parties.  MyQ mysterioulsy started working back in early April with no action on my part.  Then on April 29th, MyQ stopped working.   It has been that way since.  I reviewed by MyQ history and you can see breaks in garage door logging, usually for less than a week.  Like other posters on this thread, I really wish TMobile would address this lack of support.   

What I find even more distressing is not one TMobile support team member has even commented on this issue.  Argh!

I am also unable to connect my parents Genie/Aladdin Garage door to their T-mobile router.

I wonder if this is the same issue….

I have tried numerous ways with no sucesss.  I have changed the WEP protocol on the Router (the options are pretty limited) and I have tried to manually configure the garage door ahead of time.


How can I tell if the problem is a closed port…


Does T mobile router have a way assign an ip address to device?  


I am hoping that T-mobile will enable more features on their router to help get around issues like this.  There is not way that Genie connect will keep up with changes in protocols or even bug fixes




Thanks for all the suggestions. I just switched from ATT to T-Mobile Home Internet last week and had the same problem with reconnecting MyQ app. Luckily I came across this forum and still kept my very old OnNetworks wifi router purchased at least 15 years ago when I had Comcast internet service. Plugged in to the T-Mobile gateway and reconnect MyQ app in no time. I just wonder once that I reconnected MyQ app, do I need to have the old OnNetworks wifi router continued to plug in into T-Mobile gateway? 

GET THIS $#!% FIXED TMOBILE.  I have been in “offline” status with MyQ app for my garage door opener for 260 days, per the app.  Numerous times I tried to reconnect my garage door opener via MyQ app to my T-Mobile wifi over the past 9 months or so.  Finally today, I called MyQ thinking it was user error following the app instructions.  After confirming that I was following the instructions correctly, the rep asked me what did I use for internet service.  As soon as I told him TMobile, he said that is the problem.  There is a known issue with TMobile and the settings that come with their home internet units.  Sure enough… I googled Myq and Tmobile and voila!  Here is more than 1 year of complaints on this topic.  RIDICULOUS.  I had TMobile when I originally bought the Chamberlain garage door opener and the professional installer was able to get the MyQ app to work and it did flawlessly until TMobile upgraded cell towers to 5G and sent me a new tower.  Since that time, I have not been able to use MyQ app.  GET. THIS. FIXED. TMOBILE.  This is almost 2024 and this should NOT be an issue. 

While I am grinching… consumers pay entirely too much per month for any cell tower to be down.  Too many people rely on cell phones and related services for any tower to be down or providing low signal.  It is not only dangerous (i.e. elderly relying on wifi to support their health devices should the fall and need to call 911; wifi supported security cameras, MyQ Apps to see who is coming and going at your home...etc.) it is irresponsible.    Someone should be camped out at those towers 24/7/365.  

T-Mobile:  You are making things way too complicated for new users.  I found that if I just carry my T-Mobile box into the room where I am trying to connect a device to the T-Mobile service, plug it into the same electrical circuit that my device is plugged into I can set up anything I want to.  I have successfully set up two ROKU devices, MyQ smart garage door opener, my Ring Doorbell Pro and a Ring Spotlight camera on my back patio.  The T-Mobile box likes to be in a window for the best signal and when I was in the garage doing my MYQ smart garage door, I just left garage door open and I got the best signal of anywhere in the house.  Everything connects right up, as long as you follow the exact steps set forth for each individual device and they all prompt you through very easily.  If a female 75 years old can do this, I would think anyone could!

I have 2 MyQ openers on separate buildings. Both of them easily set up initially and worked perfectly. About a year ago they both went offline for a couple weeks.  I resolved it by doing a factory reset and restoring the SSID and password. The same thing happened again 2 weeks ago. Devices went offlline and I did the factory reset tonight. Once the SSID and password were restored both devices immediately were back online. I realize that this is a temporary fix, but thought it might be helpful to know that it wasn't always this way. I expect that the change happened during a software update and I'll be back offline when the next update is pushed out. Looks like I'll be adopting the solution recommended here. Thx for sharing.

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  • ShivasIrons:  Your reply gave me hope so I just tried again.  Still does not connect.


Working through multi vendor solution to enable MyQ app to successfully connect to Tmobile home internet.  After long trouble shooting with Tmobile and Chamberlain, determined port 8883 is closed and the myq server connection requires an open 8883 port.  Neither vendor is being responsive with a solution.  

For all those who are we’re having or are having connecting there my queue hub or garage door opener by chamberlain all you need to do is buy a cheap 2.4 G router that has ethernet input connected to the 5G gateway and it’ll work fine that’s what I did

I spent about 45 minutes using chamberlain live chat.  After resetting to factory settings, I was able to get the garage door to open and close from the app again. You have to reset both WiFi and garage door opener for it to work.

Update***** I WAS FINALLY ABLE TO CONNECT!! No one ever called me back as promised by t mobile or Aladdin Genie…however I decided to try to connect my T Mobile device to my old router I used w the previous cable Internet provider (netgear brand). It took a couple tries but it finally connected under the router. Hopefully it continues to work. I hope this helps you fellow strugglers lol 

Stupid question. Using the old router, how are you able to do that without paying for internet for that router? No, I'm not that technically advanced. Lol

Both my openers don't work.  I think it's not compatible with 5G.  My openers are 2.5 years old.  It was saying it only run on 2.4 ghz I think when I try to setup.  I will have to go back to CenturyLink and it's cheaper.

T-Mobile is overcharging for Home internet.  The gateway basically a basic device cannot do many things like extender and poor coverage outside of the house.  It should have been $25 or offer 2 gateways for $50, even that my garage openers still don't work..🤬

I found a quick easy solution for this. I have an old netgear N300 extender when I used with Comcast router to provide full house coverage. Now with t-mobile home internet router I do not need that extender anymore for coverage. I setup this extender again to create a 2.4 GHZ network for my MyQ to connect to. It worked like a charm.This 30 dollars extender will do the trick. 

Yeah this worked like a charm for me too and an added benefit was I was able to hook up my home surveillance system which is nowhere near the T-Mobile router and it requires a lan cable so i  have my surveillance system and garage opener both running through the extender

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Working through multi vendor solution to enable MyQ app to successfully connect to Tmobile home internet.  After long trouble shooting with Tmobile and Chamberlain, determined port 8883 is closed and the myq server connection requires an open 8883 port.  Neither vendor is being responsive with a solution.  

So, How did you solve the issue? or not?  I have the same issue.

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First, on T mobile internet app have the option to select 2.4 or 5G.

but I follow some places instructions 

So, I used Netgear EX2700 (Working only 2.4G, and setup with IPAD and everything go smooth. 

For whom says that T-mobile  need to find solution, I said: 2.4G its history, 

MYQ stay behind! and one day they will found themselves out of the market because new companies comes already with solution

I had the same issue. I found a great fix using the TP-Link RE200 AC750 wifi extender. Following the set up video from their website it has a way to configure for both 2.4g and 5g. I only set up for the 2.4 and skipped the 5g. Then I set my myQ garage door opener to that new established network and it works! I’m not tech savvy and found this as an easy and affordable fix. 

Thanks Shivaslrons. I ended up setting one of my laptops up as hotspot and connecting that way for now. Hopefully they’ll come out with a fix soon!

SOLVED - If you use a repeater and then connect to that WiFi, the MyQ will connect.

I had the same issue today and upon digging further, I was able to correlate my issue to the current version of firmware on the Nokia device.  It automatically updated 23 days ago and that was exactly the same time the MyQ app was saying it was offline.

I proceeded to reboot the modem with no change.  I think learned the MyQ to a phone hotspot and it worked fine so I knew the issue was with the T-mobile ISP service.  I then tried to reconnect the MyQ to the T-mobile and it still didn’t work.

The final step that fixed my issue was to perform a factory reset (not just reboot) on the Nokia modem from T-mobile.  I am happy to report that it my garage door is back to working normally now.

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Interestingly, this evening i can operate my garage door via myq app.  I took no action.   do any of the posters on this thread experience the same change?

My partner was able to fix this issue by connecting a router 2.4 ghz to the gateway box. 

Like larrya I got a TP-Link RE200 AC750 wifi extender (about $27 on amazon).  It set up quickly and my Liftmaster MyQ opener worked immediately upon being connected to the extender.  Thanks, all and especially larrya.


This setup works. I had the same problem connect myq to t-mobile 5g home internet gateway for almost a year. I talked to chamberlain tech support many times and they were able to guide me to mess up the opener. I had to return the opener to Costco. Bought another one from Costco and decided to use it without the myq and camera.

I had a small wifi extender at home, setup as home gateway extender. IT WORKS!!!

I don't think T-mobile will change their protocols so I strongly suggest chamberlain publish this technique so other myq owners having the same problem can resolve their problems and enjoy myq.

I bought a Wi-Fi extender and connected it to my Wi-Fi then connected the garage door to the extender and it worked my garage door is back online. 

I did get an extender - set up as a wireless access point - to work.  But in the end, all of these are just KLUDGES.   The T-Mobile Home Internet simply does not work as normal ISPs do.   I suspect this is simply because they are probably paranoid about how much bandwidth will get consumed. But there are other ways this gets limited in any case - which should be sufficient.  Poor design.  I strongly recommend using your own home router (connected to the THI gateway) to overcome a host of issues related to this T-Mobile design.

At some point I am going to try out Verizon mobile internet and see if it has similar issues.  I am not expecting that it does.