Unable to connect Chamberlain garage door opener via 5g internet

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i think for most of you you need the 2.4ghz connection and not the 5ghz.. mass majority of things out there need the 2.4 in order to work (irobot, door chime, ring camera etc etc). so if the router doesnt use the 2.4 or you have the security set up to i think it was WAP3 it no longer uses 2.4 and only 5 and if available 6ghz..which the above listed devices need 2.4.

I am not able to set up a wifi extender properly with either the Nokia or the Arcadian.

It sets up like one expects.  However, devices on the ‘extender’s wifi network’ can connect to its wifi, but cannot connect through to the public internet.  A phone, for example, will say ‘connected’ but ‘no Internet’.

No idea why y’all were able to connect  but I am not able to.

Netgear AC750 EX6100 extender.  Using only 2.4 GHz.

IMO, the change has to come from Chamberlain to have the MyQ server listen to open ports.  They will claim they use this port for security purposes.  Hardwired connections like ATT might be secure enough to have the port open, not so much with 5G internet using the cellular network.  I doubt T-Mobile will open the port (8883).  

The more complaints Chamberlain gets, the more likely they might take action.  Open a ticket with them.  I pointed out to the Chamberlain support tech that this issue will only grow in frequency and just marking it as a known issue wont make it go away.  

Where do I make a ticket? I just switched to T-Mobile internet from ATT bc they raised my

bill $11/month for the same shitty service have everything hooked up except my myq wifi garage door opener bc no matter what I do it won’t connect. 

I purchased a new Netgear extender as recommended by T mobile and I assumed it was at factory settings but using the Netgear app, it would not connect to the netgear online set up.   I sent it back to Amazon.   I have a Nighthawk extender but it connects to the Nighthawk router which did not connect to the Gateway .   I was told by T mobile that they were not compatible, so put them back on the shelf. Which extender connected successfully?   Thanks

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Mine is old NetGear N300 Model EX2700. I got it at least 5 year ago.

I do not think you need to buy a new extender. Your nighthawk extender should work. Your extender always tries to connect to the “Known” network it has connected to. You need to reset it to factory default setting. At that time, you will be able to pick Gateway network. You need to download a manual to follow the initial setup procedure after resetting to factory default. Trust me, t-mobile support would not know your extender better than you do. Incompatibility is an easy excuse to get you off the phone.

Your netgear should work also. But your extender might only work for 2.4 GHZ network as mine does. So you will need to separate 2.4 GHZ network out from default t-mobile gateway’s hybrated network to create two networks for your t-mobile gateway. One for 2.4 GHZ, one for 5GHZ. At my home, 5GHZ is always much faster than 2.4 GHZ network. I have speed around 300 MBPS. So all my laptop/phone use 5GHZ network. But I leave this 2.4 GHZ for all the devices such as thermostat, smart devices. So far all works fine now.

Has anyone used the wifi extender solution for MyQ with the Arcadian Gateway? Had no trouble with  Asus and TPLink routers in bridge mode but with the Arcardian Gateway can’t get either to provide an internet connection.

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I’m guessing T-Mobile has no interest in resolving this issue. Love everything else about it but this issue is forcing me to consider an alternative. So disappointed!