Why does the latest T-Mobile App ( Jan 28th) say the app is not yet ready for your account type ?

  • 5 February 2016
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I have been using the "T-Mobile My Account" app (version on my LG Leon phone for 1 month now.

My plan is "Simply Prepaid (1GB 4G LTE)".

Last night, during 'update all' from the play store, the "T-Mobile My Account" app was replaced with the "T-Mobile" app (version - released Jan 28th 2016).


However, when I launch the "T-Mobile" app I get the screen saying:-
Unfortunately the T-Mobile app is not yet ready for your account type. However, please check the link below to be redirected to the My website.


I also lost the drop down information that told me my account usage. This is very inconvenient and it also requires more data to 'browse' for my usage.


Luckily, I was able to "uninstall" the updates and resume my previous app.


Why does the new app not work with my account type ?  Are there plans to fix this ?


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No news on when the updates will be available for all account types, but we are happy to pass the feedback along!


Thanks for responding Lauren.

However, I don't understand why T-Mobile publish an updated App that does not work on Prepaid accounts.

When I updated the App shortly after it was released there were no significant problems mentioned.

I looked today (1 week after the release) and there are numerous 1-star reviews for the problem I mentioned.

I usually update "all" from the PlayStore, but now I must be careful  not to update T-Mobile.




Please also pass along that the update ruined my iPhone 5.  This app said that it could not run because my plan was not supported. I have a prepaid plan.   After that, my service was off - "No Service".   I have been through 3 hours of (chat then phone) T-Mobile support and then Apple (phone) support, but it still says "No Service".  T-Mobile has verified that there are no service outages, and I was a couple of places in town today.

I don't understand why a whole section your customers were shut out from using the app, and especially why I was shut down.  The final T-Mobile tech support person said that I would have to get a new device.  Apple also verified that it was not a software issue.

-- "Wirelessless" David in Los Angeles

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Same here, doesn't work with prepaid accounts.

Best thing to do on Android, is to "uninstall" the app, which will revert it to the version of the app that was installed at the factory.

Then when official word is posted on this forum that the new app now works with prepaid accounts, then update it.

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The developers should have released the app AFTER ensuring that it works with ALL account types.

That's a no-brainer.

Hi Lauren,

I just updated the Feb 16th release and it still does not work with prepaid accounts like the original did.



Hi Lauren,

I just updated the Feb 16th release and it still does not work with prepaid accounts like the original did.



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Confirming does not work with prepaid. I have used no minutes on my $30 plan and the app said on the first day of the new plan month (still does as of today) that I used up all the minutes and they will be charged at .10/minute.

Also, the new version will not successfully add a refill card, displaying various errors including the phone not being connected to the internet. I was prompted for the card number, so the phone was connected to the internet.

Again, the best thing to do is to uninstall the app, which will restore the original T-Mobile My Account, which works perfectly.

I have also e-mailed describing these issues and included screenshots, but am not expecting any sort of reply.

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There *should* be a prepaid version of the app out, as of now. It's a bit different than the standard, but if you can try again, can you let me know if you are still having issues?


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See my last message above.

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The new app may not have appeared for you just yet.

Hi Lauren,

I downloaded and installed the "Feb16th" ( again . THIS TIME it launches correctly and I can check my account from the app (similar to the original).

However, the "notifications" check box in the "app settings" does not work.

When this box was checked on the original app, I could swipe down my main screen and see the usage from the last time it was checked (either manually or automatically).

Now I must launch the app and check my account manually every time.

Also, I am puzzled why the app was not up-revved from, because the current is clearly different from the version on the site on Feb 16th.

Hopefully a future release will have the notifications working again.



It is July 28 2020 and I am having this issue.  I was unable to find a prepaid version of the app on google play store.

As of October 2020 I also can't use the app because it "doesn't work with my account type".

I have the Essential plan

Kinda weird that T-Mobile can't develop an app for a different type of account. I'm sure they have Software engineers lol