Will an Ethernet Switch Work with the Gateway?

  • 17 November 2021
  • 1 reply


Hi all,

I received my 5G Internet Gateway three days ago. I’m trying to ascend the 5G Internet learning curve!

I am delighted to be cancelling my Cox cable account, but the 3TB Time Capsule I used as a router has four Ethernet ports -- all full. Has anyone successfully expanded the Ethernet ports on the Gateway by plugging in a gigabit unmanaged Ethernet network switch? If so, do you have a recommendation as to a brand and model?

I’d like to continue the convenience of automatic Time Machine backups without an external drive hanging off of my notebook computer. Has anyone successfully used the hard drive in a Time Capsule -- hooked up to the Gateway with an Ethernet cable -- for this purpose?

Thanks in advance for any expertise you can share with me.

1 reply

I know you posted this some months ago and have probably already found an answer, but if someone else comes across this yes you can successfully expand the ports on the gateway by using an unmanaged gigabit switch. With my previous setup I had a dsl modem running to a tp-link router and then running to a tp-link gigabit switch. I simply removed the router from my configuration and it works great.