Would getting a network switch with QOS help with CellSpot call quality?

  • 17 April 2022
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I notice that my CellSpot, which normally works fantastic, doesn’t give me a good call when the computer or other device is downloading, uploading or streaming while I’m on the call. It’s not every time, and with some things there are ways of turning down the download and upload speeds of other processes that helps solve the issue.

But still, instead of having to manually fix what ever is hogging the internet at my house to use my phone connected to the CellSpot, it would be nice to have an automatic way of it changing. Any ideas?

One thing I saw but don’t know much about is a network switch with QOS (quality of service). From what I read, it’s a device that prioritises certain network data packages, or something like that. So I could hook up the modem to it and then the CellSpot and router to the QOS network switch, and it will prioritise the voice traffic over the data traffic.

Right? Maybe?


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