I am currently traveling to India and am in the city of Pune. International roaming doesn't seem to work for the most part for voice calls or text messages. Even data speeds are very slow. The phone… (Show more)
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Ok, I have a long winded rant here, but, I felt like I needed to tell my story.  So, we recently purchased a home.  Before closing we noticed that our ATT phones, who we have had for several years… (Show more)
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Hi Experts,   I recently encountered an issue with the network where the domestic Data was limited to 200 MB per billing cycle which is less than what the daily average now-a-days is.   I was in… (Show more)
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Is this a real alert? I never get texts from tmobile. I didn't click on the link to see. There was bunch of numbers and letters after the question mark.   T-Mobile Alert: The monthly cost of your… (Show more)
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Im trying to play a game but some how i can only play it on wifi. On data it wont allow me to connect.   Asked on support and they told me it migth be something about the data protocols. I need a… (Show more)
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So my husband wants to get his nephew a new phone, his died. He has "orange" which is dominican republics version of tmobile. If i get him a prepaid phone from here, would it work over there ?
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Netflix charges $4 more on $40/month 4 line plan.   What gives.  Why Tmobile advertises free Netflix,   that is bogus?
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My wife and I both have IPhone 11 running the most current IOS update. Anytime we have full signal (4 bars) anything that needs data doesn’t load such as Facebook, websites, games and even messages.… (Show more)
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The t-mobile sales pitch states "Yes, you can add Stateside International Talk service to Prepaid plan options costing $40/month or higher. The $15 Stateside International Talk service gets unlimited… (Show more)
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I just returned from a week in Tokyo and Hiroshima. My unlocked iPhone X worked just fine everywhere I traveled. In fact, on the approach to Narita airport, prior to landing, I got the welcome… (Show more)
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I first wanted to mention the FAQs regarding the Galaxy S20 rollout were helpful! One additional question though:   With the rollout of the Samsung Galaxy S20 phones today that are 5G compatible,… (Show more)
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