I have a Galaxy A10e. My account is current. I can call out most days. However, at least every other week my phone will not let me call out, LIKE NOW. It says "server unreachable". It has happened in… (Show more)
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drnewcomb, did I get that area right? Zip codes are 61801 and 61820 as mine is 61878. I saw a list of Illinois towns, but these 2 areas are not in there. Thanks in advance!
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I am currently in India and was using WiFi calling from T-Mobile phone to call my relatives here in India.  I was always under the impression WiFi calling was free until I started getting alerts… (Show more)
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I'm getting mixed messages from T-Mobile support. The Twitter customer service team tells me that my revvlry should support NFC (as evidenced by Share & stream media: T-Mobile REVVLRY | T-Mobile… (Show more)
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Something changed. I used to have a little Inbox symbol on my support forum landing page. That went away and now I have to click Menu to find my Inbox. This seems to be yet another step backward… (Show more)
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Are there any T-mobile fees for using Zelle (bank to bank money transfers)?
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Now the the two are one, when will we get to use Sprint towers?  I do get good service generally in my area but , it us patchy and there are Sprint towers around.
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Hello, My phone recently received water damage and as a result, I'm in need of a new phone. I logged in this afternoon to speak with a Tech Support representative but sadly it is currently… (Show more)
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I recently got a lifeline phone and have been trying to put a game on it. Every game app that I download from the Google Play Store crashes shortly after loading the first screen. I've cleared out… (Show more)
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