I run a web server. When there are errors, I have it email my t-mobile phone as a SMS message. Recently, those emails are being blocked and bounce rather than being delivered. Could you please help?
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I reached out to CHAT at Tmobile to get my old phone unlocked. They gave me a phone number. That number answers: THIS NUMBER IS ONLY TO SELL NEW LINES. Two months unable to fina a person or link on… (Show more)
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So right now i am using the simple plan with my family with 4 lines and i helping my family pay around $145-$150 every months I have to withdraw cash from my bank and give them to my dad and he will… (Show more)
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T mobile coverage f****** sucks. I don't care what the coverage map says because its wrong. I NEVER have coverage or only 2 bars and I have an Iphone 7. This  is crazy . I'm looking for a different… (Show more)
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Not even fixing customer issues , that was my first time choice t mobile and my last time . No more. (poor service attitude, mistake anything and need customer fixing by they-self) . Cheating with… (Show more)
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I have a business account of T-mobile, I have been settle for auto-payment if the past 7 years. In Feb. of this year, I reset on my online account checked the bill and found they have been… (Show more)
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After stating publicly that there would not be a price increase after the merger with sprint there is a price increase, not a good business practice. I joined T-mobile 6 years ago to get away from… (Show more)
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Tmobile allowed a hacker to change my sim, even though we have a pin code not once but twice on the same day. The second time was AFTER WE EVEN CALLED THEM AND SAID IT WASN'T USE CHANGING THE SIM!  … (Show more)
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Verizon is at 75GB, AT&T is at 100GB.  Why is T-mo still at 50GB?  Wasn't T-Mo the carrier that used to offer more for the money?
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you agree to a hard 3G cap limit on data on each of your lines.     I got it put on our 8 lines.  Learned about it from 2 outside TM user groups.     
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