I've been getting an error page for the past week whenever I try to use the Digits app on my computer. It doesn't happen when I use the internet webdigits, only when I use the app that's installed on… (Show more)
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My T-Mobile Digits app on Windows 10 is not receiving automated text messages from short numbers.  For example, the messages from the US Postal Service tracking are sent from 28777 (as opposed to a… (Show more)
    Every time my computer reboots- and many times even when it doesn't- I open my T-Mobile Digits software and it forces me to not only login with my email address / password, and then to enter the… (Show more)
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Hello, In the past I was able to receive all of my short codes on my DIGITS app but now it seems limited only some apps work for example I can receive my Facebook short codes, but my gmail… (Show more)