Hello community,   I would like to know if other people is having the same problem. My kid's watch Timex FamilyConnect is taken each day longer to be fully charged, I mean considerably. I have… (Show more)
I contacted T-Mobile about unlocking my paid off T-Mobile iPhone xr which is on an active account that is in good standing.  The first time around the representative went through the whole spill of… (Show more)
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I need a solution, my daughter's Timex Family Connect Watch has no sound at all it does not ring when called to. She can call and I can hear her, but she can't hear me. Also she can't listen to voice… (Show more)
I have a Galaxy S10+ and Magenta Plus plan.  I started receiving "Social Security" scam robocalls from a 520 area code number about a week ago, and suddenly in the last 2 days, they're calling me… (Show more)
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Im getting constant messages to update my visual voicemail app from the number 128. I dont use visual voicemail and have tried to update and uninstalling to no avail. Is there anyway to disable these… (Show more)
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How much longer will T-Mobile support HSPA+ ?
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I've been having issues with family allowance settings for the 11 yo on my account. I use it to restrict app purchase and the time of day he's allowed to call people (except family). I've set my line… (Show more)
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Hi, It might sound confusing, here's what's going on: I changed the payment method a while ago (from one card to another). However, this month, you guys charged me half of the fee and the first… (Show more)
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Hello,   Sorry for the long post to follow.   Here is what happened to me recently. On Sunday 1/19/2020 around 2:30pm, I noticed that I lost T-Mobile network connection. Everybody around me,… (Show more)
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I got a unlocked (from ATT) Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ and its been couple of weeks since I had my tmobile sim in and I still have not gotten the Android 10 update. How do I get Tmobile to send it and… (Show more)
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I use my phone to send messages (under the @tmomail.net address) to other e-mail accounts, but I'm wondering if there is a way to access that T-mobile e-mail and view messages as a regular e-mail on… (Show more)
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