I understand that calls are back logged but I have been on hold with t-mobile tech support for OVER 3 HOURS! Having trouble with my service. Just curious is anyone working at T-MOBILE????
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Hello!   Let me start by saying, because I know somebody is going to suggest this, I have been trying to reach customer service reps all weekend, I would call and be on hold for 2-3 hours before I… (Show more)
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How can I reduce my monthly bill Betty gets social Securty and I have no job Do you have wi-fii home service? Would it be cheaper if I had wifi at home instead of the entertainment streaming + hot… (Show more)
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Can Sprint customer be referred and get referral bonus?
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My G892U (Samsung Galaxy S8 Active) firmware is not updating by T-Mobile to Android v9.0.   Looking at the T-Mobile docs, it appears that it's because I have firmware G892USQS2BRF2 rather than the… (Show more)
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Hi. I would like to understand why my account always comes differently.. sometimes $103, other time $117 and etc.   I also would like to know what am I have to do to switch from a regular plan to… (Show more)
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I live in a very weak signal area and that's why I switched from US Cellular to Tmobile for the wifi calling and texting. The other day I hiked 900ft up the hill I live on and I got 3 or 4 bars of… (Show more)
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I have a Samsung S9 and my photos keep disappearing and what to know why?   Thank you   Jim
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If I go to outside of USA and can’t activate my prepaid plan for 5 months, how can I keep my current phone number and Sim card for using in the future (after 5 months)?
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I can’t switch my plan from Prepaid to Connect. The page/links do not work  After selecting the $15 plan and clicking on link and then existing customer it just goes to my account page. The app is… (Show more)
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