Hello! Tell me please, am I will be eligible to receive SMS and Calls with that plan "North America Simple Choice Mobile Internet UNL Data with 2GB 4G LTE".   I mean, I will not use it from my side… (Show more)
in Network & coverage
My understanding is that a recent FCC requirement changed the way telecoms and conferencing services like but that several carriers, t-mobile included, have not taken the… (Show more)
in Account & services
Can we get some answers from T-Mobile regarding a timeline as to when a fix is coming for the GPS issues on both 5G Phones?   Also could you inform your customer care teams that a fix is in the… (Show more)
in Android products
I have iPhone 8 plus bought outright from best buy. I used another company sim card in the USA after purchasing the phone.  Now I moved to Canada an trying to use my phone with Canada's network but… (Show more)
in Apple products
T-Mo's main website,, is working.   Click the My Account dropdown to go to any of the functions on, you get a blank page or a partially loading but unusable page.  … (Show more)
in Account & services
So Sprint already won on release but is T-Mobile far behind?
in Android products
My new phone is unlocked. I used my old phone to call T-Mobile and request an unlock. They said they would do it for me. But instead, they locked my old phone. Now I can't call anyone to have this… (Show more)
in Account & services
When I receive a phone call, the voice on the handset is so faint I cannot hear them.  If I put it on speaker phone, it works.  It works through my bluetooth car speaker.  Just not on my handset.  I… (Show more)
in Android products
So i got the warning text that im close to 50gb today on the first day of my billing cycle which i didn't do. so I checked my phones data usage (S10+) and only shows 1.5gb was used., Tmoible website… (Show more)
in Account & services
Ever since my Note 10+ (not 5G) got the Android 10 update, Gmail has been heavily lagging no matter if it's on wifi or LTE. This is ONLY happening with Gmail, nothing else. I've done a reboot several… (Show more)
in Android products
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