When will One Plus receive the software update? From your website it does not look it is eben in line to be tested. Everyone else in the world will receive it except T Mobile customers.   Software… (Show more)
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If OnePlus has had the Stable, Finished OnePlus7Pro Oxygen OS Update 10.0.1.GM21AA out since October 18th, 2019 then why has T-MOBILE been unable to forward any Android 10 update as of yet, half way… (Show more)
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I've been told by OnePlus support that their new OnePlus 7 Pro phone is 5G compatible.   However, I've also read that OnePlus is coming out with a OnePlus 7 Pro 5G model later this year.   When I… (Show more)
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It appears OnePlus has had update version 9.5.10 out for several weeks now and T-Mobile has yet to send update out to their customers. The last two updates from T-Mobile have been only security… (Show more)
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