Bait and Switch T-Mobile 5G Home Internet Service


I was on a chat with T-Mobile for over an hour trying to order their home internet. I was asked to provide my home address at the VERY BEGINNING of the chat. Well, after over 55 minutes where the agent was seemingly processing my order, I was informed that home internet was not available at my address, but I could get this LTE 100 MPS Internet “Lite” instead. I said absolutely not and told them that this has been a total waste of my time and amounted to nothing less than bait and switch by T-Mobile. The chat person said sorry and was there anything else they could do for me. I said yes. Give me the contact information to whomever I can complain to. After another, believe me, five minutes I was provided an address and fax number to complain to and told there was no number to call. Unbelievable! If anyone can share with me a number I can call to, I can complain I would appreciate it.

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They did the same to me. Several chats, 3 phone calls and a visit to a store.

During the last phone call, they told me they were setting up the account. After some delay, they told me they couldn’t set up the account because they couldn’t verify my identity. I would have to go to a store.

Weeks later, I received a letter telling me I needed to bring a passport and my social security card to the store with me. Fine. I gather my documents and go to the local T-Mobile store. I was told to type my address into a tablet, and then told internet service was not available at my address! I’m less than 3 miles from the store.

I’m not sure what’s wrong with this company. Lying to potential customers about coverage while wasting our time is not a logical course of action.

T-Mobil has been doing this for several years, it will take a lawsuit to stop this. I have tried for 2 years to get the unlimited plan. I set between 3 towers and get 5G UC on my ph yet can only get the more expensive plan?