eSIM not installed when using T-Mobile eSim app

I have just enrolled for a prepaid account using T-Mobile eSim app. All the process seemed to work fine (I got a phone number and had my CC charged) but in the end there was some kind of problem installing the new eSim on my iPhone. Now it seems I am locked out of service, since the app requires a different e-mail and the creation of a new account to run again. How can I get the eSim for my existant and already paid for prepaid phone number now?


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Hey there- just wondering: what do you mean "locked out of service"? Are you seeing a specific error message on your phone?  When you go to Settings>Cellular are you not seeing both lines?

Hey there. When finishing the process in TMobile E-Sim App my iPhone displayed a message saying it was unable to change my Cellular Plan (I cannot remember the exact words). Then the app displayed my new phone number and receipt.

When I go to Settings and Cellular I cannot see the new line.

I contacted TMobile support via Twitter and apparently they will send me a QR code by email by Sunday, so that I can re-install the e-Sim. I will wait. Thank you for your help.

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No prob! Have a great weekend!

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Just checking in here to see how things are going. Did you still need help?

Everything is fine now. I needed a QR Code to install a new e-SIM which fortunately was sent to me yesterday. Thank you for the excellent customer service.

I just experienced the same issue. I cannot setup my new cell plan as I don’t have the qr code or the data to setup manually. Called T Mobile support and got disconnected twIce. Please help.

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Hey there! I'm sorry you're having a rough time activating your eSIM! Did you already download the eSIM app for your device and set up a new prepaid account?

I have the same issue. How can I fix it? How or where do I get a QR code?

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Hey @almans01

At what part in the ESIM activation process are you getting stuck?

Hi, I'm also having this issue. While following this guide - T-Mobile eSIM app , I got stuck at step 14, as it just gave me my receipt, but no button.

Can you please send me my QR activation code?

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Sorry you are getting stuck @mattmcbride  😥 For this specific issue, please give us a call so that our folks over the phone can finish up the activation process.

Hi Chris,

I’m having the same issue but cannot call as I don’t have access to another phone. Is there any way to get a QR code to install?

Thank you!

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Hey @dominic1980

If you have a Facebook or Twitter account, you can message our T-Force team using the links in my signature.

Thank you Chris

hi chris.

I got stuck at step 14 too....

can i get qr code?

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Sure thing! Give us a call or reach out to our social team on Facebook/Twitter using the links in my signature below.

hi chris!

thanks for reply.

i solved this problem with help by facebook support team.

i re-authorize with QR code then it was clear.


I have the same issue. How can I fix it? How or where do I get a QR code?

Hi - I had the exact same issue. I purchased a prepaid plan using the T-Mobile eSim app on my iPhone Xr.. The steps in the app went all the way through to charging my credit card, and assigning me a phone number. When I went to check "Settings -> Cellular", the prepaid plan did not appear. I have called the Activation help phone number 3 times. First, I was told to wait 4 hours, then switch off my phone, then restart it. I did that, but the plan wasn't activated. The second time, I was told to wait another 2 hours, switch off my phone, and restart it. I waited, switched off my phone, and restarted, but still no plan.

Finally, the third time (yesterday), I was told a QR code would be emailed to me "within 72 hours". While I am willing it wait a little, 72 hours seems like an unreasonable amount of time to wait especially because I will be 3 days into my prepaid plan with no service. Also, I don't want to be in the situation of having waited 72 hours, only to learn I still don't have a QR code!

How can you expedite the process of me getting my QR code?

Thank you in advance!

I have the same issue. How can I fix it? How or where do I get a QR code?

Please sending my E-mail...

App failed to load my eSim too, no trouble charging my card though. Phone number and everything is displayed on my account. I’m really amazed to see a comment about great customer experience/support. I’ve been calling the customer support for three weeks, trying to get my QR-code. So far three reps have “have gotten disconnected” which is ironic for a telecommunications company. One just never learned to use their headset, even though I waited 5mins on the line. And twice I’ve been promised a QR-code within a day. No such luck, less than a week remaining ‘till I paid 40$ for a month of nothing.

This isnt funny i have been taling with you guys on tweeter you asked me to delete my esim profile to enable you assist me after 3 hours we still going round and round with no solution ! this is s scam