Very frustrated with number porting a landline from TWC/Spectrum to T-Mobile Pre-paid

  • 16 December 2018
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Please help me with a number porting that T-Mobile has not been able to complete even though I've called them over 5x in about 12 days, including two phone calls where both T-Mobile Pre-Paid number porting team and Spectrum customer service were on the call together with me.


1. Got a T-Mobile prepaid SIM and activated it on a iPhone

2. Registered a T-Mobile online account using that information

3. Submitted a number porting request using the online tool:

     - Provided the Spectrum account number which had the format of 202-XXXXXXXXX-001 (202-<nine digit number>-001)

     - Provided the four digit account PIN that appeared on my Spectrum billing statement

     - Provided the phone number of the landline currently being provided by Spectrum/TWC

4. Called a few days later since no text messages were received on my T-Mobile prepaid account

          - The temporary number was assigned by the in-store salesman when I purchased the pre-paid SIM

          - Was transferred to the number porting team for Pre-paid accounts where I was told that the account number was incorrect

          - I then asked the T-Mobile rep to hold while I conferenced in Spectrum customer service

               - Spectrum agent said that the account number is only the middle nine-digit number and there isn't a need to provide the "202" and the "001"

          - T-Mobile rep said that the modified the account number and submitted the request

          - The PIN was still the same four digit PIN from the Spectrum statement

5.  Again, after no contact from anyone after 3 days, called again

          - T-Mobile again said that the account number is incorrect

          - I requested that they verify the account number and T-Mobile confirmed it was just the 9-digit number

          - Again conferenced in Spectrum, who confirmed the 9-digit number

          - T-Mobile agent said that the request would be updated

6.  Again, after 3 days, nothing from anyone. Called again - porting request failed due to invalid account number.

          - This time called Spectrum without T-Mobile and asked if they could see anything in their system where a number porting request came in

          - Spectrum said that they couldn't see any evidence of a porting request

          - Spectrum asked if T-Mobile provided a reason code for the failure - to which I said no, that the only info I was provided was that the account number is wrong.

7.  I am at my wit's end - T-Mobile please help!


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Some companies charge a porting fee.  Have you checked with TWC/Spectrum to see if they do?  Is the number from a rural area?  If so, T-Mobile might not be able to port it in due to a number od reasons.  My girlfriend couldn't port in her AT&T cell number because T-Mobile did not have E-911 available in that area.  It took ages thoufh to find that out.  Contact the Twitter team.  It might take a few days but they will get tou an answer. 

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I think it's a good idea giving our T-Force folks a shot at this. They have account access and can help sort out what's going on with the port. Please use the Facebook or Twitter links on our Community-2153​ to reach out to them and get more help.

I know this thread is a bit old but did you ever get resolution?  What did it take?  I’m having the same issue, tried it with the full account from the bill and also just the center part, both come back with incorrect account number.  E911 issue isn’t not an issue with this line/area.

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On a rare occasion a number may not be able to be ported so I would check the eligibility with the link below.

To check the status of your port request, contact a specialist at 1-877-789-3106.

I did prior to setting up the port and it showed eligible then though now it’s not but I’m assuming because I have a port attempt in progress with the number on T Mobile.  I’ve checked att and Verizon’s similar port Eligibility verification tools and both show the number eligible to port as well.  So it should be able to go, just keep getting an invalid account number.

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Who are you porting the number from? Is the account still open? Did you call Tmobile and check if there is an ongoing problem? Some carriers are VERY stubborn about giving up phone numbers...even though that’s against the law! :rolling_eyes: