Where is my Prepaid Cell Phone Pin Number

  • 12 February 2017
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Where in my simply prepaid T-Mobile cell phone documentation is my Pin Number?  I reset the cell phone (Samsung G360T Core Prime) and now the T-Mobile App is asking for either my Password for the cell phone number or my Pin Number if I forgot the Password.  I didn't know I had a password or a pin number. 


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Happy Saturday, @jaor!

The PIN that you're looking for is 4-digits and was set-up at the time your account was created. To reset your PIN, follow these steps:

  1. Call 611 or *8646.
  2. Say NO to Refill Your Account option.
  3. Wait for SIVR options and say Manage My Account or press 1.
  4. Say Change My Account PIN or press 1.
  5. Enter the new account security PIN twice.

Let me know how that goes! 😊

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Just wanted to check in and make sure you were able to make the changes you needed! 😊


No you can't do it. you need to call them and wait for 20 minutes for customer service to respond.

You were very lucky it seems. I've been on the phone for over 30 minutes and still no sign of a human to talk to ... ridiculous.

If there a reason why this cannot be done from my account page? I can neither see nor change the PIN it seems. What's up with that?

This process is BS. To create a PIN, need to log in, which requests me to have a PIN.