Complaint about Autopay CC vs Debit

  • 14 August 2023
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This missive is just to let you know how poor of a decision it was to require a debit card for autopay.  I did not even have a debit card.  Well, now I have one for the first time in my decades long credit card usage and I am highly irritated. 

I was going to expand my T-Mobile portfolio but I am halting this transition from Verizon. Much ill will is flowing to T-Mobile now. Too bad.

2 replies


Yep 5$ charge because I want to walk in the store and do business face to face.With all the data hacks that they have cant believe anyone would give t mobile any bank or credit card information.I am done,going to go to the store and refuse to pay the fee,hopefully the store is busy and any new customers can hear how dissappointed and ripped off i feel by tmobile as I have had their service since its inception,21 + years with tmobile and they want to shake me down for 5$ to walk in the store and pay a bill

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You can still pay with your credit card you just don't get the autopay discount.