Has anyone else been scammed by T-mobile?

  • 30 May 2023
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When I signed up for T-Mobile internet last year, probably 6 months ago, I was promised 2 promos--a one year free subscription to Paramount Plus and a virtual credit card of $100.  To date, May 29, I have received none of these.  I thought it was too good to be true and it was.  This is a pretty poor way to treat a customer.  Not to mention that the service is spotty and inconsistent at best.  T-Mobile looks a lot like Xfinity. Unfortunately T-Mobil and Xfinity are the only two providers in town.  So, when you think T-Mobile think SCAMMERS!


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3 replies

You have to go to their promotion site and apply


I was only offered the $100 credit card, which i still have not received.  After being informed twice that  a physical card was being mailed out. after not receiving after a few weeks, the next rep promised another would be shipped out.  never arrived.  this goes back to December. 

I was promised a free big tablet.   at which i was to pay for the taxes on the equipment. I got both a phone and a tablet.  I was also told i would be paying $70 a month, no taxes on the plan I was on.  When the guy had me sign, i was told it would be for the taxes only for the equipment.  The first bill came, it was for $70.  Im now out of my cancellation period.  The second bill came it was over $100.  When I went to the store, I was told the  guy that set my services offered put me on a plan that didnt exist, and I was charged regular price for the equipment..  I was offered a $570. credit on the bill, but they couldnt offer it to pay the equipment off.  The tablet is over $600 why are you not giving whatever it takes to pay for the equipment.  They gave some BS reason for not doing so.  The are trying to lock me in to pay for this equipment.  I have a good mind to walk away from this BS even with my excellent credit score.  SCAM ARTIST is what they are.   I have a nephew who worked for this joint, he verifies they are SHADY.  I am thinking of just going to court with this issue. Even the credits they are given are not covering the charge of the equipment.   I will consult an Attorney.  Anyone interested in Class Action Suit.  909 827-5575.  This has intererrupted my whole senior budget.  Pain and suffering is now an issue here.