home internet + tmobile tuesdays

  • 13 September 2022
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I only use T-Mobile home internet and I keep reading how I’m eligible for T-Mobile Tuesdays. I input the devices phone number four never receive a text on the gateway. I receive texts regarding my bill and service updates but never this 4 digit code. I’m not the first to discuss this so why hasn’t T-Mobile addressed. Only solutions I’ve seen are put the sim in a phone or change gateways which are not actual solutions. What’s the deal T-Mobile?

3 replies


Me too! It’s so frustrating!

Same question here. I have T-Mobile Home Internet only. When it was set up 8 months ago, I was given a T-Mobile “phone number”, which obviously isn’t my real number, since I don’t have T-Mobile phone service. When I try to access T-Mobile Tuesdays, it asks for my phone number. If I enter the number that I was assigned by T-Mobile, it sends a code that I have no way of accessing, since it’s not a real phone number. If I enter my real cell number, it rightfully says that my number isn’t a T-Mobile number. Aggravating. I’d just like to know once and for all if I’m eligible tor Tuesdays or not. 

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I had the same problem… my original gray/round modem never received the access-code.   After complaining, my modem was replaced with the black/square model.  That model was able to receive the 4-digit access-code so I was then able to use the promos for “Tuesdays”.