USA prepaid e-SIM. Can you add Canada/Mexico option? Where do you do that?


Looking into using a T-mobile e-SIM again for a trip to USA. This time I’ll also be visiting Canada for a little while. I see that it is possible to get a prepaid SIM with an added Canada/Mexico plan, but is this available for e-SIMs? I did not see it as an option in the eSIM app. Is there a way to add it pre or post purchase? If so, where is that done?


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The app is more to manage your eSIM and not as much your plan.  The website is always the best place to go to view or make changes to your plan.  


I saw that it’s possible to do an e-SIM with the Canada/Mexico add on on the website. I guess this is not available through the prepaid e-SIM app?

Since I can get this done through the site, I don’t have a problem, but it would be nice if I could do it through the app.

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I'm pretty sure it's available for esim since the newer iPhones only uses Esims and the Canada/Mexico plan is an add on.