When will the bills stop.


I tried T-Mobile internet in February for about 4 days. It was terrible and I could even load a Facebook page. I canceled it and was told I would not have a bill. A month later I got a bill for $55 dollars. The person that set up my account did it wrong and had my email wrong and somehow set the pin wrong too. So I was unable to get help over the phone. In store they were great and called to get it fixed for me. Apparently they did not cancel me correctly for a no install so they had to reactivate the account and cancel it again. The next month I got a bill for $20 and did not even try to call this time. I went into the store but they were busy this time so I had to wait about an hour ro get help. I was assured again by their support that I would be credited down to zero and not have another bill. Now today I got another bill for $1.83. It seems like t-mobile is just trying to see if I will pay something. I tried to call the support line but they were not any help. I asked for a supervisor but they were not available.  I went to the store and they called the support again. This time I was again informed that I would not get another bill.  


How can I confirm that this terrible experience is over and I do not have to deal with this anymore?

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