After 4 months of errors and no follow-up, why have I not been asked how the poor service from the business Representatives also known as experts has affected my business?

  • 3 February 2022
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Written 2/1/22
I was leaving MetroPCS with 5 lines at the end of September beginning of October. A customer service rep contacted me from T-Mobile I was offered for Samsung a32s and a tablet I believe a Samsung tablet but I’m not 100% what the promotion was now but it was a tablet. However I didn’t like how long it was going to take for me to receive the equipment and I didn’t want to pay all of the connection fees. There was another promotion at the time if you kept all of your own devices that you would just get a credit for each device. I did not know if my devices were compatible North they were unlocked as I was on the phone with the rep he told me I could go in the store and they would check it so I happened to be by store (with him on the phone). I went in and a gentleman checked my devices and told me they were all unlocked and that I would be able to use them. Him and the man I was speaking to on the phone conversed and I paid $150 to receive SIM cards. I went home tried to use the SIM cards only two of my devices were unlocked out of five. I then called the customer service back they were able to get me to the gentleman I just had been speaking to and by the end of the conversation he told me that he would be sending me the devices I would have them in 48 hours. Since then now four months have passed I had not received any devices I had made phone calls to customer service pretty much every 48 hours to 72 hours for the last 3 months. Every time I call I am told that they're putting it to the back office they're having it escalated so that I’ll receive my equipment within 48 hours. I always call back within that 42 to 72 hours and there’s never been an order place no one ever follows up, EVER!! In November the Saturday after Thanksgiving finally a rep gets someone from the back office on the phone quickly too he was he did really great job the back office person tells me that I will receive all my devices the next business day or not even she didn’t even say the next business day she said tomorrow which would have been a Sunday. So I was to receive all my devices plus she promised me a promotion that was going on at the time for an iPhone 13 some air pods and it had a gift card with it. So the next day I did not receive anything but because it was a Sunday I thought I would give it the next business day in case I 
misunderstood so I waited till Tuesday still nothing I call no one knows what I’m talking about no order was put in after all her promises. Now at this time my service keeps getting shut off because they’re billing me almost $300 a month when I’m only able to use one device. Right about this time I am told that my cancer may have been back at one point I'm on my way to get the scan I go to call my doctor to ask some questions and my service was turned off I had to pull over inside of the road I didn't even have GPS when I called the customer service rep was giving me a hard time did not want to turn the service back on without a payment the one device I did have quit working I couldn’t get it get it fixed so I had to buy a new device. Here I am supposed to have five devices that should have been delivered to me over a month ago and now I have to go purchase almost a $200 device. So now I’m calling still every 72 hours nobody’s helping me nobody’s helping me. Finally on December 23rd I get a gentleman on the phone who is adamant about me getting the phones the next day actually gets the order placed which is the first time in all this time that the order was actually placed but he only was placing it for the 4832s for some reason it was going to make it quicker whatever and I’d have them the next day. I was adamant about getting them before Christmas because I had no Christmas presents under the tree I had no money to purchase my family anything I couldn’t even purchase the food for dinner. I could not put any money in the bank because I work with health information it is very sensitive information I can’t just put this information on any device I have to have devices that are covered by the carrier. I have to have devices that are in my business name that I can have a special liability insurance on in case one of my employees would lose their phone or it would get stolen or someone would hacking account and they would get in and do something with someone’s health information that is a big law I cannot break. So I have no devices like this because I haven't received them yet I'm waiting a lot of my customers the clients I like to call them don’t want to give me their information just to hold on to in a drawer. I have a bunch of invoices with credit cards on them I can load you know sitting in the safe as soon as I can get a 
device. I have two employees that have now quit at this time this isn't the end of November because they couldn't wait to work they couldn’t wait they had house payments they had bills. So now I’m needing to hire two new employees I’m sitting there with no Christmas presents I'm sitting there knowing I do not have the money to make a dinner for my family the next day. I am sitting there knowing I just had to borrow the money for my aunt to purchase my medication for my cancer so that I won’t get sicker. Not one time has one of the representatives said how is this affecting your business how is your business being affected by the fact that you haven’t had devices the whole time that in your promise them over and over and over. Most of the time I’m getting quizzed on who said what and when did they say this and why did they say this. Pretty much getting treated as though I’m trying to get something for nothing like I’m trying to literally steal these people’s phones out of their pocket. I would beg and say why am I getting treated this way when anyone off the street could walk in one of your stores and get this promotion right now I had not one promotion I left a other carrier with five lines came into your T-Mobile and didn't get a promotion didn't even ask for you know a decent plan I am getting overcharged I have not received one promotional device and I'm getting spoken to is though I'm trying to steal from the grandmother. So the gentleman on December 23rd gets the order put in finally for the a32s but the order pended whatever that means for weeks. So now I need to go out of town for work I’m going to be traveling. I called to tell them I need to know where the devices are going to come out because I'm going to have to tell them where I'll be because I'm going to be traveling and I won't be in the office so I need them to let me know when they're going to be there and I can tell them where I'll be to have them ship properly well of course they shipped out after I left and they went to my office and then you know long story short there I ended up being lucky and the guy from the business next door had grabbed them so that they didn’t get stolen. I got those about a week ago but now I can’t get my tablet and the iPhone promotion that was promised to me I keep getting the runaround again it's like starting over. Now since then I’ve had my service turned off multiple times one of the times I called customer service to ask them to turn it back on I was literally in a winter ice storm I said I need my GPS please turn it back on I can call back in a few minutes I need to get out of this if I don’t have a phone I can’t get out of the storm and you’ll see that if you read my notes that I’m not supposed to have this bill well guess what he would not turn the phone back on he argued with me he talked about me like I was dirt and I was treated very poorly. Every time I call you know I say please just read my notes I don’t want to go over this again again you know every time I call it’s a two hour conversation because they won’t just read my notes they won’t take my word for it it’s a whole like investigation into why I want the stuff for free no one just says can I help you let me fix this none of it. Almost every time they place the order to try to fix this I was asked to pay taxes again almost every time they didn’t know how because my phone numbers were activated through the SIM cards they just did not know how to put these free devices on there is no one in T-Mobile that knows how to override and give a free device because somebody screwed up I mean this is 4 months of playing hell my attorney figures I'm out right about $6,000 right now and that is only in fees and commission that I would have made off my customers who most I’ve lost because they didn’t want me just holding on to their information . Not to mention not having money in the bank collecting interest not to mention all the new customers I may have had not to mention training to new employees because I lost my employees not to mention sitting there on Christmas Day with no presents no dinner for my family the embarrassment of asking my aunt to borrow the money for my medication those things weren’t even put into the $6,000 that I’m out my attorney has begged me to let him put it into some kind of arbitration and I might have that word those words wrong but some kind of arbitration in order to get my money and to leave there I just had put so much time and energy into all of these calls and everything I couldn’t afford to leave. Now it is February 1st I still do not have all my devices my bill is sitting at like almost $1,000 because nobody has backed the devices off that I got whenever they told me they would do that I argued with a gentleman yesterday over activating a SIM card because he couldn't understand that it was one of the lines I already had I just needed to activate it to put it into one of the phones they had sent me he wanted to start a new line he don't want to send me the iPhone that I was promised until I say I'll put a new line on my account. They have listened to the tapes they have done everything I don’t know why when I call I say look I still am owed this iPhone and promotion and my tablet please send them why don’t they say yes ma’am let me do whatever I can to help you and I am so sorry you’ve been through this and at the end of every phone call I'm crying I am defeated I'm exhausted this is insane I can’t even believe I’m still dealing with TMobile I just refuse now not to make sure that they take care of everything they should after all this damn time. Now I literally talk to text this whole thing that I just wrote because I wanted it to be with my feelings I have probably left out a ton after I sit down and read this I’m sure I’m going to remember a lot of things. I have been through hell and back and still haven't been treated and taken care of the way I 
should and all this time I’ve not asked for anything more than the promotion I was promised. And the iPhone promotion that I was promised by the back office woman those are the only things I’ve asked for even though I’ve been offered better deals from Verizon numerous times they tried to get me to come over there they’ve offered me a watch and you don’t know how bad I want to watch but they offered me one and I said no I'm sticking with them I know they’ll fix this in four and a half months later it’s still not fixed. And still yet no one cares that my businesses went to crap because of this. Why won't someone help me? Why won’t someone make sure I’m satisfied? I read on your website yesterday how you’re doing all these innovative things and all these wonderful things and you know how hard it was for me to believe these things to be true with the way that I’ve been treated. Now let me make something clear all the reps have been gracious they have been friendly they say every time they understand they say every time they know what I’m talking about I don’t know how they possibly could I don’t know how they could know how I feel when I have to go borrow money to buy my cancer medication I don't know how they'd know how I feel sitting there on Christmas Day on the couch alone with no gifts and no dinner. Sitting there in a storm with no phone being spoken to like someone who just tried to steal a candy bar at the convenience store. I have rambled and I really went on but I still don’t think that I’ve put into this how I feel in the way this has been to me and if I can stop this from happening to anyone else that's what I need to do.

UPDATE 2/3/22
I WAS ROLLING IN THE MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT TO MAKE IT TO THE NEXT CITY TO MEET CLIENTS THIS MORNING IN WINTER STORM AND MY CELL PHONE SERVICE WAS YET TURNED OFF AGAIN BECAUSE NOBODY BACKED OUT THE COST OF THE PHONE THAT THEY PUT ON THE ACCOUNT LIKE THEY SAID THEY WOULD SO MY BILL WAS OVER $900 EVEN THOUGH I’VE HAD ONE DEVICE UP UNTIL 10 DAYS AGO. I got on the phone kept trying to insist that I made the minimum payment even though I told him to read the notes and look to see my account was a high priority over and over he wanted me to make money on payment while being super polite about it then he got told to restore my services but he got online and wanted me to be recorded saying that I would make minimum payment within 48 hours so I told him I would not be making that payment I wasn’t going to lie I thought that they needed to do the job and credit my account appropriately. Constantly from going to T-Mobile constantly I still don’t have all my devices and still don’t have the building go properly 4 months later. I’m thinking I just probably need to do but my lawyer suggested and that’s to go to arbitration and to get the money that I’m out.


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cha t mobile is garbage, kinda the consumer’s fault for getting played by these losers

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I need a network unlocking code metro by t mobile 

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