BAD customer service



Please excuse me in advance I spent as I type this message one hour and 30 minutes trying to get a supervisor on the phone because the agent tells me that i must purchase an additional line. 



I called T-Mobile to see what upgrades I can get being that I have a business account and several lines line in use, T-Mobile rep at the time tells me of a promotion going with the iPhone 13, so I take the deal “ the rep” at the time tell me phones are being sent to you overnight. (great I say).

UPS arrives with the 2 boxes 1 has an iphone 13 promax yet the 2nd box is empty USP tells me the box has been tampered with and the phone looks to be stolen! UPS drivers say he going to make it in his system that I never received the phone, but you should call T-Mobile and tell them and have them do what they do. 

I call T-Mobile and get someone overseas that has no idea what I'm talking about and tell me if I want another phone, I have to purchase a new line! WHAT! then he tells me that why they sent me an empty box WTF so I ask for a supervisor. This guy tells me that the supervisor is unable to get to the phone because he is JUST UNABLE. 

As I type this, I still go absolutely no satisfaction expect we will have to investigate why you did not get the other phone and it appears to be on UPS since they lost it. meantime I the paying customer have to wait. 

So, allow me to take more beatings the phone I did receive i tell him i need my number ported over to the new phone i did receive, he places me on hold for an addition 45 mins to tell me there nothing he can do at the moment, the number will be ported in a few days… he could even give me a time frame just a few days. 


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