Cusomer Service and Phone Insurance

  • 29 June 2023
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Waited for chat support for a half an hour without ANY kind of response.  My experience with T-Mobile’s phone insurance provider, Assurant, was actually much worse, but they didn’t even want to hear about it to try and see if there was something they could do or to reconsider that partnership entirely.


1 reply


I can’t figure out how to close or remove this post, but shortly after posting it, I did make contact with T-Mobile, and they actually could make contact with human beings at Assurant.  T-Mobile stayed on the line until the issue was resolved.  I already found much less expensive phone insurance elsewhere, and I still can’t wait to rip Assurant a new one for the display of raw evil and/or ineptitude they dished out earlier today.  But, if you have a similar experience with Assurant, get T-Mobile’s attention.  People recognize their name, and they will defend its reputation.