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  • 16 October 2022
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Hello everyone,
I have a business account in T-mobile ( Account #966******, Magenta for Business). I'm currently trying to transfer one of my account numbers to a SIP number for use in a virtual PBX.
On 10/14/2022, I texted the T-mobile business support with a question about how to transfer a cell number to a SIP number. The support responded to me that this option is possible. To complete the transfer, the support informed me that I should visit the  T-mobile office and finish this procedure.
On 10/15/2022 I came to the T-mobile store, the number 8922 (DCA License #1340638-DCA), and described to an employee named Alan what I needed to do. As it turned out, nobody in this office does know how to make this procedure. Moreover, they did not want to communicate with the global T-mobile support regarding this issue. Alan pretended that he was trying to solve my issue, but in fact, he put the phone on hold only, I listened to music for one hour. During this time, Alan served other customers and then he left the office for lunch. His customer focus was top-notch.
Anyway, I want to finish transferring one of my business numbers to a SIP number. Please give step-by-step instructions on how to do this. If this is not possible to do on my own, let me know which office in Brooklyn, NY  I can contact for qualified assistance.

Looking forward to your soonest response.

Best regards
MIkhail Kazakov

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