T-Mobile Business Internet is worse that their home Internet.

  • 24 April 2023
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Hello all. I have been testing out the Home Internet and the Business Internet through T-Mobile. I started with the Home Internet, but I could not run my server because of the port forwarding issue. I have done research on the business Internet and found that if I switch to the business Internet that would be better because I could get a static IP and I can use my router for the port forwarding. To make a long story short I received an inseego fx2000 and pulled less on this device than I did with the home internet. The Inseego is very low quality and has small internal antennas. The antenna ports on the back of the Inseego do not work with the frequencies of T-mobile so there are no ways we can get a better connection to the tower. I’m 1.2 miles away from my tower and with T-Mobiles free devices only give me on a good day 250 mg on download and 9 mg on an upload. Most of the time I get 150 mg download and 5mg upload. I also tried the cradle point device and saw it cost $35.00 a month extra and I received the same speed test as the Inseego so I sent it back. At this point, I have received poor tech support from T-Mobile and a poor representative. We are a nonprofit organization and need to save money but at the same time at this point, I’m upset that T-Mobile does not treat a business situation better than what I have been treated. T-Mobile has sent multiple devices out thinking what I had was defective but I never received anything that would work well with my server. Spectrum seems to still have the best solid service when it comes to customer support and helps small businesses to be able to make it. If you have any questions feel free to email me at douglasmv@yahoo.com. Thanks and have a good day. 

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