Tmobile is a joke and waste of time

  • 15 December 2022
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I've been a T-Mobile business client for 8 years, I until I can have an unlimited number of lines because I have great credit, I'm on auto pay I have four active lines and  NEVER had an upgrade. I pay nearly $300 a month of which $65 a month is on my EIP for devices. I just wasted 3 hours in a T-Mobile store looking to upgrade one of my lines. I'm told that I have  good account standing, longevity with the company always pay my bill on time yet in order to get an upgrade I have to pay $600 plus dollars to walk out The door with a phone that cost $1,100. 


That is not an upgrade, I have a trade-in which they would give me $400 credit for which knocks the price of the device down to $700. So on a $700 phone they  expect me to pay $600 And that is an upgrade?!?!? That's the best deal you can get with  Tmobile when you've been with them for 8 years and never had an upgrade. T-Mobiles service has really gone downhill to say the least. I chose to leave with no phone upgrade and and now going to another phone store to look at switching. Thank you T-Mobile for wasting my time and for never giving me a deal when I've been such a loyal customer for 8 years You are amazing. 

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