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  • 14 July 2022
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On February I have moved to another location to where I had movers to help me move my stuff to a new location. During the move I've always make sure that all my electronics are the first to come out. I had the 4G wireless router by T-Mobile pack in its own box and it also had ethernet chords still attached to it. During the move wish I had help because I am disabled and I tried my best to make sure that everything less secure and ready for the the movers so they will be able to just get the boxes and loaded on the truck. As I get to my new place they start to unpack what's is my electronics my TV my PlayStation the wireless router get it set up but I noticed that the Wireless router was missing. I looked everywhere for it open every box but I couldn't find it. So I remembered the movers were asking me about the wireless router and I told them that it was just like having your cell phone with the internet and you don't need to do nothing but turn it on. So but I couldn't find it the first thing I did was called T-Mobile and let them know that the modem was missing and I think it was taken by one of the movers because they were interested in it. So the T-Mobile representative told me not to worry about it because they were replacing the 4G box with the 5G and the 40 box wouldn't even work anyway. So within 4 days I received the new 5G wireless router and I was told not to worry and it wasn't going to cost me anything and so that I will still be connected to my my internet service with the new 5G wireless router. I made the report on February 1st of 2022 are received the new 5G router on February 4th. I've I've never missed a payment ever since I had the Box. Now I'm on a fixed income and when I have to pay the one-time fee at the time I had my stimulus check and so I paid that one time fee so 3 months later an April I get my bill and it's asking me to pay another one time fee of $238 for non-return equipment. So I called and told them I have reported that the device stolen on February 1st and it was told I didn't have to pay anything because they were replacing the 4G boxes with the 5G. Do you know that they kept suspending my account every week since April to now it's July 12th and they're still suspending my account because I'm not paying for something that I that I was told I didn't have to pay anyting. Every Sunday night my internet is suspended. I have to call and figure out why they keep suspending my internet servers when I keep on paying my $55 payment every month? Every week I have told that they were going to fix that problem. Six months later I'm still dealing with this issue and now I have to pay for late fees but every month I've always paying $55 just for the internet service and it says no equipment fees. I am getting so frustrated to always have to call to get my line cut back on and they keep telling me don't worry we're so sorry that you have to go to this but we're going to try our best to fix this and we'll have our people investigate to see what's going on and so I humble myself a patient with them but every time my service gets suspended I have to humble myself because every representative that I talk to every week keeps telling me that it would not happen again but it keeps happening and so just last week I finally got fed up with it and I told them I'm so sick and tired of calling you guys every week when I pee my $50 every month on the 1st and I'll keep still turn you no suspending my account you want me to pay for something that I can't return it because the device was stolen so how can I return something if it was taken I had made the report on February 1st of 2022 and now my bill is still three hundred and something dollars. The last representative that I talked to told me that I am responsible for that box and I need to pay for it. I was told that the foreign key Wireless router was going to be replaced by the new 5G wireless router and the 4G wireless router it would not work anymore. So you want me to pay 300 for the 4G box that's not going to work anymore and you're going to end up tossing it in the trash that don't make no sense. I already made a one-time fee when I first got the box that should have covered it. And now my account has an outstanding balance of $309. And they still won't take it off. Now kind of figure it out that when I made the report that the representative did not state that the device was stolen from my property I moved in. Now am I wrong for not paying another one time fee? I am ready to drop T-Mobile and look for another wireless internet provider because my phone service is with Metro by T-Mobile and and now Verizon has the wireless internet service for $25. With the new government program that I qualify for could lower my $55 payments to $30 a month but I can't sign up because of the outstanding balance on my account that needs to be paid first. A I can't even switch plans to the $50 payment so that I could get the free Paramount Plus app or even add another line and get off Metro. Out of six months I had over 20 Representatives tell me that they were going to fix the problem but the one representative that I talked to you last week told me that I are responsible to pay for that equipment. I told them if I have to pay just send me the mail and stuff so I can send you back to 5G box because I'm not paying anything and I will just go to another wireless internet provider so I can keep the service but I'm paying for it because ever since I signed up with T-Mobile they have screwed up my account since day one. I had called and just wanted the internet service and that was it. When I got my first bill it was $600 some dollars because the sales clerk added for extra lines to my account that I never asked for it and it took them months to clear that. I have online classes that I take and I'm also a gamer. With that said should I drop T-Mobile because it seems like they're not trying to fix the problem but trying to rip me off for more money bad I can't afford because I'm going to fix income with SSI. I tried my best to manage with the little money I get to keep a roof over my head food in my stomach and clothes on my back. I am very frustrated and stressed out because of this. So I'm asking you am I wrong is there a better way to deal with this should I go to another provider and drop T-Mobile I don't know or what you do?



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