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  • 10 January 2019
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I followed the instructions to a T.... I put the window unit, wear I get a full 5 bars on my cell phone... Without the booster hooked up... But when I plug in the window unit and put it in the exact same spot. I am lucky to get 3 bars on the window unit. Why is this? The coverage unit seem to be working correctly. But the window unit. There is something fishy going on.... Like it has WEAK antennas or something. Has anyone else experienced this?


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5 replies

Any input would be welcomed..... I am new to this LTE Signal Booster.

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I might suggest using an app like signalcheck or lte discocery temporarily, to check signal decibels.  That measurement will be more accurate than "bars" because the number of bars is dictated by the software of the phone and each manufacturer sets different percentages of db to bars.

I figured it out... The LTE Signal Booster has an app called WAVE by Cel-Fi..... I found out that the booster was trying to connect to band 2.... In my area band 12 is the best signal.... So, in the app it had 3 bands to choose from. Bands 2, 4, or 12..... I set it to band 12 and all is good. I have full signal strength on the Window unit now. Thank you for the reply.

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I wish there was an app for the LTE Cellspot. (Not booster) That would solve a lot of my issues. However it's not configurable like the booster is apparently.

I had that one also.. It ran off my home internet.. Problem was... When my internet went out. The Cell Spot went haywire... Had to unplug it for like 30 mins and plug it back in, for it to reset itself... Was a pain.