Alcatel Linkzone not working/connecting

  • 8 December 2018
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I have this black alcatel link zone that was working. the 1st 2 lights are on and the 4th is for the battery the 3rd used to light up and now it doesnt and for some reason my wifi is not working anymore. The 3rd icon is an envelope and it doesnt light up. I have tried everything. It is paid, it is updated, i have reset it, and it has been restarted what can i do?


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4 replies

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It's possible that the line might need it's network refreshed.  If you've already reset the device, you will want to reach out to care and ask them to "cancel the location" on your Linkzone line.

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Just checking in here to see how things are going. Did you get a chance to reach out to our specialists over the phone like @magentatechie mentioned?

Super strange on my issue. The network signal just keeps blinking when I use my personal sims that have voice line. But when I slip my company phone (voice) or my data only sim (tablet) network is working and connecting.

Totally lousy service.  Hotsopt stopped connecting and T-Mobile “help” makes you wait a quarter hour.  Need legislation to make these communications monopolies put money and into service or rebate monthly fees.  Japan has great internet and service, the US is corrupt and lousy with the comm companies buying off the bureaucrats and the politicians.